Sunday, 26 September 2021

September WIPocalypse

With September almost out, the weather is turning noticeably towards autumn and I feel more and more like hermiting and hibernating. Does that mean there will be more crafting for the remainder of the year? Who knows, but it's certainly a possibility! For now, it's time for the September WIPocalypse, so let's get started!

The question of the month is List five projects you have unstarted in your stash that you’d like to start something in the (relatively) near future. and that's a tough one! I have sooo many pretty unstarted things in my stash. So this is very much an incomplete list of pretty things I'd like to start soon.

1) Bellatrix by Bella Filipina

Have you stitched anything by Bella Filipina yet? She's relatively new, but there are so many of her patterns I am absolutely in love with. A couple friends had planned to start Bellatrix this year for Halloween (in different conversions and colour schemes, it's going to be very fun!) but non of us were quite ready, so we moved her up to next year. I still need to get some fabric, with all the beads it's highly recommended to stitch her on 28ct and I only have a matching colour in 32ct.

2) This Pirate Lady by PinkyThePink

This is a custom chart I had made a couple of years ago and, to my great shame, still not started! And I have all supplies and the PERFECT fabric too. What a shame. I really hope I can get around to her some time soon!

3) Endangered Young'Uns by Gloria & Pat:

I've owned the pdf with all of these patterns for at least five years and I think there are more than 30 of them. If I want to get them all done in my lifetime, I really should get started, shouldn't I?!

4) The Enchanter by Teresa Wentzler:

Another one I've had kitted up since about 2015. I think I already talked about how it came to be I never started it, but I still love this pattern and I'm really looking forward to stitching it!

5) Japanese Garden by Dimensions

I have more of these Dimensions Gold Kits than is probably good for me, but I just love them! This one was a birthday present a couple years ago, and I'd really like to put it up on my wall.

So, that's five - five rather big ones, I have to admit! I hope to get at least one or two started within the next year. 

Now to my current progress on my WIPocalypse project - that's The Loneliness of Autumn, which I am SALing with Rachel, who is currently catching up after a couple crazy month. I have, so far, managed to keep on top of this, which for me means stitching one length of thread every day (or frantically stitching ten a day at the end of the month to get this post up in time!). Anyways, last month I was at 46,609 stitches or 39.23% done and working on 815, my 8th colour:

That colour was finished around the 20th:

Colour #9 is not quite as exciting - 780 is a nice golden brown, but it's spread out a LOT so it doesn't show up very well so far. 2422 stitches in total, of which I have 1835 left to go (it's going slowly because I have to jump around so much). So my new total is 48,568 stitches or 40.88% done:

 I will probably manage to finish the 780 in October, but with how spread out it is, I'm not sure it will be early enough to see any noticeable amount of colour#10 after that!

October is also the last One-a-Month challenge of 2021, so I will be taken the Puppeteer out again and hope to make a dent into the remaining black stitches. A bit over 7k to go right now and while I probably won't manage to get them all done this year, but maybe get down to 5k?


diamondc said...

Leonore: Those are some lovely and fun starts you have.
Nice progress on your SAL with Rachel.
Have a lovely day


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great list! I have The Enchanted kitted up. Maybe I should consider starting him too!

Nice work on Autumn.

Carol said...

Oh, my--looking at your five BIG projects makes my head spin, Leonore! I can't even imagine doing one :) It will be interesting to see which ones you do get started. Nice progress on your autumn piece--love watching it take shape! Enjoy your last day of September! ♥

Pamela said...

I really like the Autumn piece! You have some pretty pieces in waiting. I would be like you and have a hard time picking only five that I want to start.

Rachel said...

I love all of the projects you would love to start soon, but especially Bellatrix and the Japanese Garden; those cherry blossom trees are stunning. I've finished three of Gloria and Pat's Young'uns and am not far off finishing a fourth and can say they were lovely to stitch. Good luck if you ever started the TW one though; knowing how intricate her designs are, that would be a true labour of love. :)