Tuesday 1 June 2021

May Crafty Pies

 Wow, can you believe it's June already? It's certainly starting to look and feel like summer out, but gosh, were has the year gone?! May was a pretty exciting mont for me personally - not only did we travel for the first time in almost a year (visiting with Felix' family for a couple of days), but I also had some time off work apart from that and got a lot of crafting done! Mostly stitching, but also a fair bit of crochet and some knitting:

I wasn't quite as...focused as I had trying to be all year. You know I am part of the Stitchy Quest group on facebook, and we get stitching quests - usually every other week. Every quest has some tasks, like 'stitch 200 stitches on a project that has a tree', and then if you don't have a project that fits or just don't want to, you can do twice the amount of stitches on whatever you want. That's usually the option I go with, because I want to focus on my regular rotation! But in May, we had a special anniversary quest, that has us visiting all the previous quests - we randomly pick 65 tasks to do 100 stitches on - and you can only stitch 'penalty' if you actually don't have a project that fits. At first I was annoyed at how much jumping between projects that was causing for me, but after a couple iterations I really enjoyed it and decided to embrace it for my own kind of Maynia madness. So you'll see quite a few projects showing up for just an hour or two. I'm not done with the quest yet (I just finished 35/65 tasks) so I'll continue doing it, and show you progress on each project in the end...expect for one, but we'll get to that in a moment:

So if you scan this list carefully, you'll see some old acquaintances...and then there is 'Tablecloth with Houses'. Wait a minute, long time readers of this blog might think, wasn't that...? Did you really...? Yes it was, and yes I did - I finally went and picked up my very oldest WIP/UFO! This is a tablecloth that has four sets of one house and two trees along it's ages. The kicker (one of them) was that I lose the pattern. I had one house done, so I could copy from that, but less than half of a tree, so I needed to chart that almost from scratch. But I'm so proud of myself for doing just that, and look!

What do you think of my little tree? I quite like it. The second tree on this side is also almost finished, and all that in under five hours. I'll have to frog and restitch the parts that were done before, because this was a time before I realized simple rules like 'don't use knots' or even 'start and finish all your stitches in the same direction', but even though, I could easily finish this within the year I think...maybe if I just stitch one motif every month, or two? It sure would be exciting to finally get this off the list!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well done on digging out your oldest project! And sorting the tree out too. I actually completed my oldest project today! I have nothing left from the last century now.

Pamela said...

Lots of stitching done! I’ve been working on some older projects too. It’s good.

Susan said...

Nice job on the charting. I would have given up on the entire project if I'd lost the pattern. Good for you for figuring out a way to save it.