Friday 13 November 2020

The October SALs

 Two posts in one night? What's this? Could it desperately trying to get caught up while I have time (and am in a mood) to write? No, of course not! This is just a...happy little coincidence, nothing more.

So, let's talk SALs. I was better keeping on track with them on October, only the Temperature SAL took some extra time and was only finished yesterday - but one thing after another. First up, the Blackwork SAL:

I just realized that picture is awfully blurry but you can clearly see that his is filling in quickly! Due to a mishap with counting patterns this main shape will be finished this month. but never fear, I do have plans for the extra patterns coming out in December! Fun ones too. 

Next, let's talk bookmarks - the October one was kind of a diagonal band sampler, and super fun! I dug out my Nina's Threads from the Hobbits Mealplan project once again and I saw love how the colours look on the raw linen banding, especially the green:

The finish on this one was fun too, making use of the special structure of this band, but I'll talk about it a little more in my FFG post, hopefully soon. 

Last up, and hot off the needles, the Temperature SAL! We are firmly back in the greens, with a couple forages into the blues and onl two pale yellow sunny days. November has been even worse so far, so expect to see a lot of blues from here on out...


Magical Mystery said...

Your SALs are looking great! I love how your Temperature SAL is coming along, your change to blue is sooner than mine but I think it's all due to the colour ranges we picked :)

diamondc said...

Leonore: I do like the designs you are working on, the bookmark is wonderful.
I hope you have a great weekend


katjakay said...

I really like the look of that temperature SAL, I might have to think about doing one next year

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice work. The diagonal bookmark is fun, it's good to see a slightly different design for the space. The Temperature SAL is lovely, it's got cold here again too. Well, it IS November!

Pamela said...

The temperature project is so pretty! Gorgeous colors.

FlashinScissors said...

Lovely SALs! Shame about your problem with the Blackwork, but it still looks good!
The temperature chart looks so pretty!
Barbara xx

Rachel said...

I can't believe the beautiful blackwork SAL is almost finished. I'm going to guess you'll use the additional patterns for another bookmark so it'll be interesting to see what your actual plans are. :)