Thursday 19 November 2020

November Fully Finished Gallery

 As every month, I'm linking up with Rachel the Ten Hour Stitcher for the Fully Finished Gallery, and I finally have some fully finished things to show! And one half-fully finished thing, but we'll get to that in a moment.

But first, let's start with a finish you might have already seen - my October Bookmark of the Month:

I stitched this on a piece of linen banding (somewhat mystery banding, as I got it in a grab bag a couple of years ago), and this had a bit of a hemstitch thing going on around the border, so I was struck by a creative spark to pull some ribbon (that had been laying in my craftin area for months) through the holes. I added a second piece of banding for the back to hide the back of my stitching, and used a bit of double sided tape to secure the ends and prevent excess fraying. This has worked out amazingly well - Jo would call it serendipity I'm sure - and I am very happy with it!

Speaking of Jo, my next finish was the Morning Meadow sampler that she and I had been stitching over the summer. I had a dig around in my drawer of frames and found a lovely light gray one I bought a couple years ago with no real plan, and the size was a perfect fit, so I pestered Felix to frame it for me and he did!

Next there was Ho Ho No that I promised you before! I finished this as a flat fold, mostly following the tutorial by the TwistedStitcher. 

For the backing, I used leftover fabric from my Halloween wallhanging, and I applied some orange pom pom cording I had ordered a while back on a whim to the edges (I love how all this finishing was working out with stuff I already had around!)

And last but not least, what (I assume) you've all been waiting for! Well, confession time - I did NOT fully finish the Zoe Box yet. I did, however, make a start on the finishing! I finished the base of the box last weekend, and as it took me more than four hours to get this far, so I didn't do the lid yet, but I'm pretty sure I can pull it off by the next checkin. But even if it's only halfway done, I still wanted to show off, so here you go:

In the end it was less scary than I thought - a lot of work, a couple almost-broken fingers, but in the end it just boild down to careful measuring, lots of pins, and a ton of whipstitch over 2-4 layers! All the same things go for the lid, so I feel much more secure facing that now.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Fantastic Fully Finishing! The ribbon on the bookmark is a great idea. I need to find a suitable frame from Mornng Meadow, nothing in my stash and I can't get to the shops either.
The Zoe Box is looking lovely so far, worth taking your time over and getting it perfect.

Rachel said...

Thanks for joining in again! I love the pom-pom finish around the edge of Ho Ho No, and Felix deserves a pat on the back for framing another piece of your work.
I'm so glad you didn't rush to get the Zoe Box finished. You've made a good start though and, anyway, it gives us another chance to see it again next month! :)

Carol said...

I am SO impressed by your (nearly) finished box, Leonore! It is stunning--and I can't imagine doing anything that complicated. I am horrible at measuring and math--ha ha! But, you did it! Wonderful work and congratulations on all your other finishes. The flatfold is darling as is the framed Just Nan piece. A very successful November, I'd say :) Have a great day ahead ♥

Susan said...

Wonderful finishes. The ribbon in the eyelets was a really good idea and adds just the right amount of color. The box is amazing! You've done a great job on the finishing. Finishing things like that are always a slow and steady thing.

Ann C. said...

The Zoe Box is beautiful! I have been looking at it on Faby’s website, but haven’t bought it yet because it does looks complicated to assemble.

Pamela said...

The box is fantastic! Very well done! I’m sure the lid will be just as nice. I am working on some band samplers and my stitch group will be starting them at our next meeting, so I am especially interested in yours. Great finish!