Sunday 15 November 2020

Ho Ho...No?

 Sorry for chucking out so many short updates lately, but some things really deserve a post of their own on top of being tucked away into some SAL, I think! This one I stitched for the Secret Santa gift exchange on the Stitchy Quest to Destroy the One Ring facebook group. My partner hasn't received this yet, but I really wanna share and don't think she reads my blog, so I guess it's okay. 

The theme of the exchange was, unsurprisingly, Christmas and winter, but we each did a short questionaire to get our likes and dislikes and my partner told me she likes Halloween much more than Christmas, so that got me thinking. I looked around and finally stumbled across the store of WitchyStitcher on Etsy. She's a new to me designer but has so many fun patterns - and one of them was just what I needed! Meet the adorable little reaper:

I love him so much! There's a Valentine themed one I want to stitch for Felix next year too :D And I got to break out my lovely orange evenweave again, so that was a plus too. I changed out a couple of colours (the gray was charted as one of the new DMC colours I don't have yet, and the fluff on the santa hat was a yellow-ish off white that kind of faded into the background), but otherwise I completely enjoyed this pattern. Only I though this would be a quick stitch...turns out it was about 1.4k stitches and took me 13 hours! But that is including the finishing, and that is for another post ;) 


Pamela said...

What fun! Great to finish another one.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That is a fabulous design, perfect for the Halloween - Christmas combination. You could link up for GG this post too.

Rachel said...

The reaper is certainly different! There can't be many good patterns which combine Christmas with Halloween but it's amazing what's out there when you go hunting. I hope your partner likes him. :)