Saturday 9 May 2020

The April SALs

For my monthly SALs, I had decided to lump them all together in one ten-hour-rotation now - as it turns out, a very wise decision, as even together, the three of them got barely close to ten hours! But then, it means that I'll only get to post them at the beginning of the next month, when I've been able to catch up with the Temperature SAL. Ah well...sacrifices have to be made!
(by the way, what happened to blogger? My admin panel looks really weird, but I hope the post will still look okay when done...I really don't like this kind of thing changing!)

So...first, there was the bookmark of the month, which you've already seen in the GG post. A lovely pattern on perforated paper using hand dyed threads this month!

Time: 3:03h

Next up was the Blackwork SAL. Magical has recounted the patterns and realized that she's been giving us too many patterns in the past couple month, or at least, we'd end up with too many patterns if she kept at it, so there where only two new patterns this month, which stitched up way too fast! I think I need to work on another blackwork pattern soon to make up for that ;)

Time: 2:16h

And last but not least, I stitched up the April-section of the Temperature SAL and guess what - new colours! There's hardly any blue, a lot of green, and even a decent amount of yellow. Yay! May started of rather cold-ish, but has since warmed up nicely, so I'm curious how that will look.

Time: 2:14h

Since all three of them did not add up to ten hours, I also spent some time knitting Viajante. I've been picking her up here and there to work on during videocalls (when I could get away with it) and am now 2/3 done with the border. No pictures until she's done but it might be soon now!


Pamela said...

Three great projects. I really like seeing different temperature projects. Yours is striking. Blackwork is one of my favorite techniques.

Rachel said...

Lovely progress on your SALs. Here's hoping the temperature SAL has said goodbye to the blues until the winter. :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice work on all three SALs. At least you have worked out the issue with the blackwork and won't run out of fabric!
The Temperature SAL is looking lovely, we have had such warm weather for all of April. Only two days of rain too.

diamondc said...

Leonore: Great progress, I hope you are having great weather.
Stay healthy


Bethan said...

Oo the temperature SAL is looking gorgeous. Great work all round x

Magical Mystery said...

Good progress on your April SALs! <3