Tuesday 12 May 2020

April Crafty Pies

I'm a bit behind getting these blog posts up again, and I have so much to talk about! So I really should get going and try to catch up a little. Today, we have my crafty pies for April.

Again, my overall crafting hours weren't that high - I still did a lot of gaming, video calling friends, cooking, and work too, of course. So far it's looking much craftier for May, though, and as long as I am still making progress on everything, I won't be overly concerned!

As you can see, I mostly focused on stitching again, although there was a little bit of knitting as well (and this will be even more prominent in May and hopefully coming months too, as I have a couple of gifts to make!)

As I finished Lady Justice early in the month, my stitching has been a lot more spread out between different projects this month. The Mermaid made a re-appearance, as did some other new and old projects. As usually, you've already seen most of them (or will see them in the next couple of posts) except for one: The Mini Mystery 3. Magical is still hosting this with a new pattern released over the course of each two weeks. I haven't been feeling like putting in ten stitches every day, lately, so I just stitched the third one in one go when it was all out (notice how it still took me as much time as doing it daily? Yeah, I had same major froggin issues with this one...I think I stitched that one corner four times until I got it right!). Part 4 finished yesterday, so I'll be stitching that one up soon, but here is #3 for your viewing pleasure:


Pamela said...

You have a variety of thing on the go. I look forward to seeing photos of your progress.

diamondc said...

Leonore: I am looking forward to seeing lady Justice framed.
I do like the mini mystery colors, I am looking forward to seeing the whole finished project.
Stay healthy


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice pies. That is still a good amount of crafting time over the month.
The Mini is very sweet too.

Rachel said...

Great going on so many projects. I'm glad you can continue to be so productive during these weird times. :)

Magical Mystery said...

A good crafty pie! I really should get back to doing mine, there is so much I'm stitching that nobody sees now.

I love your Mini Magical Mystery SAL result - it's so dainty in blue!