Wednesday 6 February 2019

Finish it in 2019 - February Check-In

Oh boy...the first month of my 'finish all the things' journey is already over! Can't say I'm disappointed, though. I think I did quite well! In January, I picked 7 projects to work on. Let's see where those seven stand today:

1. The Bunny Blanket - the only one that hasn't been touched so far. I'll make up for that soon, promise!
2. Smooth Sailor is finished, see my WIPocalypse update
3. Early Morning Santa - finished the stitching, started the beading (picture below)
4. Baby Surprise Jacket - just finished this today! (picture below) Our local beads and buttons store closed down in January, and in their closing sale I scored these super cute dolphin buttons.
5. NYE Mystery SAL - finished, see my WIPocalypse update
6. Rainbow Baby Blanket - a big finish! I'm super excited, this went that much faster than expected. Final measurements are 65x90cm (without the border which adds another 3cm or so in each direction).
7. The Mermaid - is back in the hoop and I did a few stitches, but nothing exciting yet.

So with my list down to three, it's time to pick another couple of projects to focus on! Of course The Mermaid is going to see a lot more action now (once I finish my Valentine's Day stitching), but there's still room for a couple other things, namely:

4) The Half Granny Shawl - it's already huge ond cuddly and only needs a liiiittle bit of work to be huge, comfy and finished
5) The Reindeer amigurumi - started shortly before christmas and I only worked on the body so far
6) Remember that cat I made last year? I have a dog from the same series, which was a birthday present. Maybe I can get him done before my next birthday.
7) I'd really like to finally finish Whacky Witches in Stitches by cloudsfactory! I have six (of nine) parts left to do...maybe I can manage one a month?


Pamela said...

Great finishes and wonderful additions. You are going to finish so many this year!

Magical Mystery said...

Excellent progress! I love the finished baby jacket and blanket! they look so soft and cosy :)

I love your new projects and can't wait to see them progress :D

Rachel said...

When you put everything together, that was quite a successful month and you're well on your way to finishing those 19 projects. I hope January's success will inspire you to keep going and keep heading for that target! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress on your goals. I like the idea of setting monthly goals to seem less intimidating!
The rainbow blanket is wonderful.

Carol said...

Good for you for working on finishing things up this year, Leonore! The Santa is going to be so adorable when all finished up and what a great feeling of satisfaction to give these older projects some love again :) Enjoy your weekend!

Leonore Winterer said...

Thank you :) The jacket really is soft - the blanket is all cotton and a little more robust, so it might serve as a play...mat? carpet? or something too :D