Friday 2 June 2017

May WIPocalypse

My apologies for being a bit late...even more so because most of the stitching here is actually a week or older...but there were some posts (and a lot of reading) I had to catch up on before getting to this.

The question of the month is Which designer’s projects do you absolutely love, but are too intimidated to try? My first thought when reading this was "Châtelaine!" but after giving it some more though, I think I'm not actually intimidated by her designs, but just shying away from the cost for now, and I haven't really decided which of her many wonderful designs I love most. I don't think I'm easily intimidated by any 'regular' stitching anymore, only maybe scared I could run out of patience! What I am intimidated by (though I am still determined to try soon!) is Hardanger, or any kind of 'cut' work really. I don't think it's difficult per se, but mistakes do happen all the time (I have to fro a stitch or two on my cross stitch almost every day), and I don't want to imagine that happening when you are getting a blade near something you've been working on for weeks!

Now, let's get down to business...what have I been working on? The last weeks were of course dominated by our trip to Cyprus, so I had to sync my crafting with that too. I did not date bring my crafting on the plane - it was my first time flying and I didn't want to risk and hold up at the security lines - but I used the car ride to the airport and back for some stitching on Sophie Sheep. I outlined the frame now and hope to start dilling in all those flowers soon.

The lectures on Cyprus, I used to crochet on my giant granny square baby blanket. The yarn I'm using for this is really interesting, it consists of four seperate strands that are not tightly twisted together, and the colour gradient is achieved by gradually replaying one strand after the other with another colour. I still have three more colour changes to go, and the blanket is about 75x75cm (30") at this time, so it's going to be a fairly small blanket, but will do, I think. It's also not perfectly square, but that will probably be fixed when blocking. The baby I'm making this for hast been born last weekend, so I better hurry up now!

After our return, I used to following four day weekend (despite catching up on gaming, household chores and shopping) to stitch on two of my ongoing Unconvential X Stitch projects. I made a bit of progress on The Puppeteer, and finished the black of page three. I'm still behind a bit, but don't you love how this is starting to show up in the negative?

I also finished the May page of Fire and Ember, and just in time too! This page had a lot of colour bloks, I think the next page that I'm about to start is a bit more complicated again.


Linda said...

Lovely progress and stitching Leonore.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on your full coverage pieces and the travel projects too.

Pamela said...

Nice work! That blanket looks so soft and cuddly.

Renee said...

You have made such great progress! Beautiful work.

Mii Stitch said...

Great stitching, you have nice progress on your various projects

Brigitte said...

Das ist eine ganze Menge, was du geschafft hast trotz deines Aufenthalts auf Zypern.
Ich fühle mich auch von keinem Designer eingeschüchtert - nicht mehr. Meistens merke ich erst spät, auf was ich mich eingelassen habe. Und irgendwie klappt es dann auch.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Lovely stitching =) I think you got quite a lot done and I hope you enjoyed your trip =)

Bekah said...

Great work on all your projects. The negative of the puppeteer is really starting to show clearly. I am excited for when you finish the other horn.