Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017

Alphabet Club Catch Up - T

I think I'm quite in time for my next catchup post for a change...maybe I'll even get a post out without having to catch up one of these days, who knows!

This week's letter is 'T'. Now I could have used my turtles again, but where is the fun in that? Instead, here is a finish I made last year for Felix' grandmother, and as I was thought (I think it was by Jo), that square-stuff in the background is called a 'trellis' - I'm learning new words every day, which is just in the spirit of this SAL, right?

On the topic of words, my 'T' word is another fun one, I think - 'Torschlusspanik', literally the 'Gate close panic'. This goes back to medieval times, though in some places it was still the case in the 19th century - when the gates of cities and towns were closed at sundown, and people were hurrying to get inside and not be trapped outside over night. The word Torschlusspanik today is also used when you are scared to miss something - most typically when you feel like you are getting too old to find love/have kids/make some other experience you associate with being younger. It's probably close to a midlife crisis, but the term can also be applied to other situations. 


  1. A beautiful finish for Felix's grandmother!

  2. Lovely garden piece and another great word for my vocabulary. I love how you can see the history of the word and yet it applies well for the modern day.

  3. Yes, it was me! The Dictionary LOL
    Love the new word, much better than FOMO which is kind of the modern version.

  4. Jetzt hast du's bald geschafft und bist bald auf dem Laufenden. Die ersten zwei Posts zum Buchstaben W habe ich schon gesehen ....
    Tolles Wort. Und wirklich nicht übersetzbar. Und auch schwer erklärbar.