Dienstag, 20. Juni 2017

June Gifted Gorgeousness

Hello, lovelies! A few days late, but still in time, I think, to show you some progress on my GG projects. There are a few more this month than last time, so let me get right into it!

I've been working on Sophie Sheep the last time we visited Felix' parents - on the car ride. She is slowly becoming my favourite travel project, and she's recently been promoted to 'gift stitching' - a friend of my grandma and me loves sheep, so she'll get this when done (I also have the other two kits in the series - and another friend who will love the cow, I think. The pig I will keep for myself once I get to it.) I've been stitching more on the frame section, fixing a few small mistakes as I went along, and I think I will soon be ready to start the actual sheep.

For the same trip, but the time not actually spent in the car, I also brought Fans of the Far East for a wonderful Saturday afternoon stitching session on the balcony (that was before temperatures soared and I started feeling like melting into my seat all the time...). I realized it's been a while since I showed it - not just in terms of time, but also in progress, since I used to add a thread here and there and it added up, so here are the before and after pictures.

As you can see I finished the pink band and tassels (as far as they fit the hoop) and worked more on the gold background. I really need to work more on this - there is so much more left to do, and my new goal is getting it done by Christmas, but I'm not sure that will work out if everything else I still want to work on...

Another thing I worked on (mostly in the week before our visit, but I only finished it afterwards) was this bunny comfort blanket. A coworker of mine had his second son (or rather, his wife had their second son) last winter and is going to introduce us to him soon, so of course I had to make something. For the first son, I made one of my baby jackets, but this time I wanted to try something different (they still have the jacket, after all!). The parents are a little...let's say environment-concerned and he once made a comment (I'm not entirely sure he was joking) about how I should use something more natural when I make something for his kids again...so I thought, that I can do, and I went for all natural un-dyed sheep wool. There's still a little hay in it! It's very interesting to work with, but so scratchy and stiff that I thought making clothes from that would be a little cruel, hence, the blanket-thing. I made a few changes to the pattern that brought it from pretty bunny girl to cute and sleepy bunny, and I am pretty pleased with the result - so pleased I am now making a second one with the colours reversed so both brothers can have one.

I also worked on Cut Thru' Cottage, but still not as much as I'd liked. Felix' sister and her boyfriend have now moved into their house, so I really need to get it done now! So I guess this will be my main focus for the next month or however long it takes to finish.

Last but not least, I had another finish yesterday - a pair of socks I have been knitting for Felix! I really like those colours, so my next goal is another pair of wristwarmers with the remaining yarn. I really hope they fit, but with the current heat he is refusing to try them on!

So, that's it for GG relevant projects this month! I've worked on a few other things, but I'll keep those for another post - hopefully a bit sooner this time. Just one more picture - a bit of a teaser for a new SAL I started.

It consists of several parts, and this is the outline of the first of them. I'll tell you more about it once I have a bit more to show!


  1. Love all your projects. Great progress!!

  2. Wow, Leonore, you have certainly been busy and pro active with your crafts! Great progress on the stitching projects and sweet little environmentally friendly make for the baby, it is adorable.

  3. Great progress on all your projects. The fan piece is gorgeous!

  4. Wonderful progress on all of your projects Leonore. Congrats on finishing the socks. Your cut thru makes me want to work on some of mine.


  5. Oh I love the sheep =) Allthe designs in series are so lovely, they are one my "to stitch"-list (which is - unfortunately - infinite dimensional....). I think your start on the sheep looks awesome, as do your other projects =)
    Congrats also on those lovely socks (great colors!) and the bunny blanket =)

  6. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The little bunny blanket is so sweet, I do hope they like it.
    FAN-tastic work on the fans too!

  7. WOW!! Lots of great projects. The bunny blanket is too cute. Very intrigued with the SAL. And LOVE the socks.

  8. Fantastic progress on everything! And good luck meeting all your goals. :)

  9. What great projects, Leonore. I love the environmentally friendly bunny, and your fan is gorgeous x

  10. Da hast du aber schwer geschafft bei so vielen Projekten. Schöner Fortschritt!
    Wolle war für mich als kleines Mädchen immer absolut schrecklich zu tragen weil alles, was damit gestrickt war, so unheimlich gekratzt hat. Und auch heute mache ich einen großen Bogen um Wolle. Gut, dass du für den Kleinen ein Häschen gemacht hast. Das wird ihm gefallen haben.