Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Alphabet Club Catch Up - V

Hello lovelies! Due to me being me (busy me, for the most part, but with a four day weekend at home with no big plans that's not much of an excuse!) I didn't get to show you my current stitching last week, but I hope to make up for that soon. Still, I can't fall behind again on TAC, so here we go with another post.

The letter is 'V', so here is a Valentine's card with two birds ("Vögel") on it! Now for my word of the week, I'll do another 'typical German' one - we had 'pünktlich/punctual' for 'P' and now we'll do 'Verspätung'/'delay' for 'V'. So the next time you are running late or have to wait for the train, you can now curse about it in German!


  1. Very cute! I have fallen behind again with my alphabet posts.

  2. Die kleinen Vögel sind toll für eine Valentinskarte. Mit V genauso wie dein deutsches Wort. Ich glaube, jetzt bist du auf dem Laufenden.

  3. Vunderbar! (I know it's spelled with a W really)
    Love the little love birdies. German is a great language to curse in too.

  4. Such a lovely card - and thank you for another German word to use x