Monday 20 February 2017

February Gifted Gorgeousness

A few days late (okay, almost a week) but that has become kind of the norm for me, so let's ignore the excuses (they are all lame anyway - I just got sidetracked by other stuff) and jump right into the gorgeousness!

The biggest event in the past month was Jo's Secret Sweetheart Valentine's blog hop. Since I used everything suitable I stitched in the last years already, I needed something new, and after a lot of going back and forth trough my patterns, I finally found this cuty in Cross Stitch Collection #232 that I bought used for another pattern altogether. I quickly (and secretly) stitched it up and made it into a simple card for Felix. The magazine has three more of these patterns (Elefants, Cats and Owls, all designed by Angela Poole) and I want to stitch all of them eventually now - maybe more cards for the next three years?

Of course I also worked some more on my fans, or on the one fan I already worked on anyway. I started working on the blues, and filled in some more of the gold, and I'm still loving it very much, but I think I need to put it aside for a bit or I won't get any of my other deadlined projects done! Let's see how long I can keep it up...or rather, down, I guess.

Not deadlined, but still a gift, I did work some on Felix' socks, and got the first one down to just a bit under the heel - smooth going to the toes now when I can just find the time!

And I also very excited and have to share with you that I also got a gift! The lovely Jo herself send me a price because I somehow managed to not forget to post for GG a single month in 2016 (I know bragging stinks, but I'm really kinda proud here!), and she picked up this wonderful chart from Shepherd's Bush (I've always wanted to stitch something from them!) and sent it to me together with this lovely duck card. Thank you very much, Jo!

And lastly, not GG related, but just my regular update on Puppeteer: I got another 520 stiches in and getting ever closer to the end of the page! (I'm going to have to double check that stitch count eventually, I don't really trust myself to count!)


Justine said...

A gorgeous update, I really love the sweet birds on your Valentine's card. Congratulations on your GG win!

Katie said...

Oh I remember those adorable birds on the blog hop. Too cute! Congrats on the win! Great job keeping up posting. I know I missed several I'm really trying hard to do better this year. Good luck with the Shepherd's Bush piece. It's sure a pretty one.

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finish Leonore. Great progress on your other projects.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Hopefully you'll get another Full House this year and maybe win again? Glad you liked the chart, it's always fun to choose something for other people.
The Valentine's birds are so sweet and it's lovely that you have enough charts for the next three years Blog Hops too!

Brigitte said...

Jetzt hatte ich einen ganzen Kommentar geschrieben, aber das ganze Fenster weggeklickt. ohne dass mir der Computer gesagt hat, dass da noch was nicht abgeschickt ist. Also alles noch mal auf Anfang, seufz.

Die Karte für Felix gefällt mir gut. Es sind doch immer wieder mal ein paar nette Designs in den britischen Magazinen. In manchen auf jeden Fall. Und das, welches mir am besten gefällt, hat offensichtlich dicht gemacht. Schade.
Ich kann gut verstehen, dass du das Joan Elliott Teil nicht so schnell zur Seite legen kannst. Es sieht nach sehr viel Stick-Spaß aus.
Wunderschöne Shepherd's Bush Vorlage, die du von Jo bekommen hast.

Mii Stitch said...

Love the little birds finish and it looks great for a card finish :)

Anonymous said...

The birds are so cute! I love the stitchy cards. Makes the card more meaningful. Puppeteer looks good. All those stitches in that little area...a shock and awe moment.

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful finish and lovely work on the rest. Plugging away at all the black will pay off!

Mini said...

Love the valentine card.Good progress on other projects. Lovely giveaway win from Jo.

Heather said...

Beautiful congrats on winning!