Sonntag, 20. November 2016

Fixing Purple Bunny

So in between my vigerous holiday crafing, here's another little project I wanted to share with you.

Ever since he was a little boy, Felix has had this little purple stuffed rabbit. He loves it dearly, but as well know, being dearly loved can take a toll on little stuffed rabbits, so it has become very worn over time. A few years back, I crocheted a pair of flap trousers to help cover all the spots on its belly where the filling started to leak out, but lately, it's neck had become all thin and hole-y as well, so while Felix was on a business trip last week, I decided to make fix his bunny and make it pretty again.

Here's our patient pre-surgery. First, I gave him a good soak and let him dry on the radiator for a few days, then I set to work. I took some soft white cotton and cut to shapes that had roughly the shape of the bunnies body. I sewed the lover half together to get kind of a tube, then I put the bunny inside this tube. I sewed the lower end of the tube to its legs, then sewed around his legs, and lastly I sewed the upper part to his neck/chin area - since the neck was so worn, I had to go pretty far up, so it looks a bit love Purple Bunny is wearing a sleevless long turtleneck now!

Lastly, I put the freshly washed pants back on and added a little neckerchief I cut from some flower-print cotton I had in my stash. Isn't this a handsome little bunny boy?

I'm pretty happy with how my little improvised bunny surgery turned out, and Felix is super happy he can snuggle his bunny again without fearing to accidentally tear its head off!