Dienstag, 15. November 2016

Alphabet Club Catch Up - E

Time for another Alphabet Clup Catch Up - the letter this week is E, and luckyly, I actually have a fitting WIP to show! My current project is called Elevenses, and I have already stitched this word too. And since the last time you saw this, I've also added about half of the next (or prior) meal, 'Second Breakfast':

I also have another fun German word for you, and this word is Eselsbrücke. A Eselsbrücke (literally: Donkey Bridge) is a fun saying or poem that is meant to help you remember something, like a formula, historical dates or the sequence of something. I'm not sure where the term 'Eselsbrücke' actually comes from, as all the explonations I have read (about the nature of donkeys and how the don't like to cross water unless they are provided with a safe bridge) seem kind of sketchy to me, but I know that it is actually a Latin term as well - pons asinorum. The best translation my dictionary had was 'mnemonic rhyme' - do you know another, colloquial term for this in English or another language?


  1. I'm glad to see another letter of your alphabet! You can catch up.

  2. The project you're working on makes me smile and is just perfect for 'E'. The only thing I've ever heard them called is 'mnemonic rhyme' or 'mnemonic device'.

  3. Great choice for E! And I've heard the same as Bea, like Oh, Oh, Oh To Touch And Feel Very Green Vegetables And Herbs for the cranial nerves.

  4. Great stitching and a great word! There isn't an English colloquism for the word disappointly.
    One of my favourites is Never eat cheese eat salmon sandwiches and remain young to spell out necessary.
    There's also a yucky one for diarrhoea!

  5. Oh ja, das ist ein tolles deutsches Wort mit E. War mir gar nicht bewußt, dass es das im Englischen so nicht gibt. Schön, dass du mit dem Alphabet weitermachst.