Friday 30 May 2014

The weekly Lady, #1

You probably realized that I like to keep my updates kinda...progress oriented, like 'I finished section x of project y' and such. But for some projects like my beloved Lady and the Tramp it doesn't work like this, because one part of the pattern just kind of flows into the next, and so it's probably better to post regular timed updates on these.

About a week ago, I started taking Lady and the Tramp downstairs for the time I sit with my grandparents each evening - and I'm amazed what wonders and hour or two of stitching a day can do! Even if I don't get more than 50 stitches a day in, that's already 3-4 10x10 blocks a week, and it does show a lot. My last update on her was more than a month ago, and here is where I am after one more week of constant stitching:

As you can see, I almost finished the upper floor of the house - in particular the windows. Those do have some glitter (aka pearl blending filament) which my grandma adores, and that is why a) I'm happy that her Angel of Frost will also get a lot of that and b) I included the second picture where you can see it at least a little. I also did quite a lot on the next branch of the tree, and started the lower floor of the house. What is especially exciting is that the lower edge of my stitching is also the lower edge of page one - now I have the complete heigth covered and only need to work my way sidewards. Only, haha.

On another note, I also started to update my Finishes and Project List pages, which I had neglected for quite a while...but there will be probably more additions some time soon. So until then, I wish you a great weekend, see you soon ^_^


Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

How lovely is this??!! I like the 50 stitches per day and you really have made some headway with this one!

katjakay said...

This looks beautiful,

Leonore Winterer said...

Thanks! I try not to think about how much there is still left to do and just focus on enjoying my time stitching ^_^

Leonore Winterer said...

Thank you! :) I hope you'll join me in one of these eventually ^.~