Wednesday 4 June 2014

Owls & Trees

So, during the last week, I've been fighting with my owl's always the same with crocheting projects, the crochet part itself is fun, but I just don't like cleaning up and sewing stuff together. Despite that, I've been making some progress at least, weaving in lose ends and, since the buttons I needed finally have arrived, I started assembling the owls. So far only one is finished, but I hope the next days will see some more progress on that. (She looks a little silly as well, I think she might have hit a window or something...)

In terms of destraction (for I really don't like this stage of crocheting projects, did I already mention that?) I continued working on Angel of Frost and finished the inner edge of the border - but that's rather dull so I'm not going to bore you with it. I did, however, also start with the motif itself, with the tree in the left foreground, to be exact, and that's much more exciting! That tree uses about twelve shades of green alone, and about the same amount of whites for the frost on it, so it took my a while to find a good system - I tried doing two colors at once, than the next two, like Carla did with Nancy's Flowers, but it turns out I'm miserable at counting, so I finally settled for getting just shy of every needle in my house and threadng them with all the greens I needed. In the end it looked something like this (there are two more needles and a little more stitching now), and I think once I can really focus on this after finishing my deadlined presents (of which I'm just about to start two more...) I shall make good progress on this.

So, what else....stuff has been watched, of course: Ted (that hilarious movie with the speaking teddy bear), Salmon Fishing in the Jemen, a British movie that is basically about how one should not give up on one's dreams, even if the seem to be impossible (I really liked that one), The Proposal, a more or less typical Rom-Com with Sandra Bullock, National Treasure (much better than I expected - I don't believe much in conspirancies, but I like movies about them, although I've spend too much time on the internet to see Nicolas Cage without giggling) and Tombstone, a Western movie from 1993. Quite entertaining, although I lost count a little of who killed whom and why. Than we watched the German comedy 'Fack ju Göhte' about an ex-criminal who starts working as a teacher to get his booty which is buried under the gym when we visited a friend. And some shows as well, of course - NCIS S10 E21+22, only two more in the season, and I got some more into Dr Who, watching S1 E4-7 - they are now threatening to take this off of amazon Prime in four weeks, but I'll refuse to be rushed with a show like this, so far all the shows have come back after a while. Still trying to finish at least two or three seasons in that time. And that's it for now, see you soon :)


katjakay said...

Doctor Who should never be removed from anywhere, that's just wrong. I adore that wonky eyed owl

Leonore Winterer said...

There's two of them now, and I hope they shall mutliply further during the weekend :D

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

I agree with Nancy about the Dr Who! I'm taking Amazon Prime for a test run and have found that they have everything Netflix doesn't 'and then some!

The owl looks great, I'm getting really excited about your purse and kind of wish you would hurry up hahaha!

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm trying to hurry, had a minor hicup when my crochet needle broke but it's all good now and I'm working as fast as my motivation will let me :D