Tuesday 13 May 2014

Knotwork Bookmark finish

Yeah I know, it's kind of pathetic how long some little bookmark has taken me, but now it is finished! I took some break after finishing the cross stitching because I couldn't decide on which colors to use for the backstitching, but finally I settled on some nice dark green, orange and brown, and I'm rather proud of how it turned out. I never used satin stich before, so I just straight forward followed the directions here, and that turned out okay as well. I gave it to my mum on sunday, together with her mother's day gift, and I guess she quite liked it ^_^ So I proudly present my very first Teresa Wentzler finish for this year and ever:

But to be fair, I was quite busy in the times I didn't work on the bookmark as well; stitching happyly away on Angel of Crossstitch, and I managed to finish the upper border. Even though this border is much simpler and easier than the one on PT, I don't want to risk getting the same kind of border boredom here, so I'll be alternating parts of the border with parts of the motif - next time I'll pick her up, I'll try and focus on ther wings.

So, as for other stuff...movies again, it is (reading and gaming as well but I'm trying to split that stuff up as to not overload my posts). We went to see The Amazing Spiderman: Rise of Electro yesterday. I was a little reluctant about going at first because I didn't enjoy part one too much and somewhat prefered the 'older' trilogy, but I really, really adored this movie, it has just the right 'Spidy' feeling for my taste. Also one of the few movies I've seen so far that made really good use of the 3D effect.

At home, there was some more amazon prime: Battleship, just about your usual aliens-invading-with-no-good-reason-oh-look-we-beat-them-against-all-odds-movie, but set on some Navy ships, which gave it a somewhat new and enjoyable feeling anyway, and two very German movies - one being Kokowääh, which is a really cute movie starring both Til Schweiger and his young daughter Emma, and a story about a guy who learns that he has a child only when the mother of that child basically dumps it on his doorsteps after her husband found out it's not his. I think there never was an english release for that one, but they are planing to do a holiwood remake (which can't be as good, frankly, because Til and his daughter are absolutely adorable together). The other one was Anleitung zum Unglücklichsein (Manual to being unhappy), which is really, really confusing and I still don't know what to think of it.

I also watched Le Concert - alone, because Felix doesn't like this kind of movie very much. It's suppose to be a comedy, but French comedies often tend to have some kind of drama around them as well, and in this movie both blend really well - it's a story about them russian jews coming to Paris, and also about music and its magic, and you need to watch it yourself really if you can find some subbed/dubbed version, I can't really describe it here with a few sentences ^_^

So, now back to doing stuff, probably some crocheting on those owl tote I mentioned earlier and then starting Angel of Frost and/or my entry for the Puppy Love contest, let's see...


katjakay said...

That bookmark is so pretty, I love the colours of it.
I have a soft sport for Battleship as the lead actor is from a town about 100k from here, close enough to local to cheer for him. I'll keep my eye out on Netflix for Le Concert we get a fair crop of subtitled movies on it.

Leonore Winterer said...

Thanks :) All three colors are from Jodyri designs, calles Summer Sunset, Rainforest and Irish Brilliance.