Wednesday 21 May 2014

May IHSW recap

Yeah yeah, I know, it's already Wednesday and IHSW is long over...I'm getting really lazy at the moment, but I'm going to blame that on the weather, it's about 85 degress out there when last week it was only like 60, and I don't take well to sudden changes like that.

Anyhow, I did have a great weekend stitching, even though I didn't manage to join my girls' hangout because Felix was here, and since I won't be here next weekend and we don't see that much of each other during the week at the moment, I wanted to spend Saturday evening with him. But I still got some stitching done on this Puppy Love contest entry I teased a few days ago - in fact, I managed to finish it (with a little work done yesterday and on monday).

The design is called 'Spring Bunnies' and I bought it from Etsy especially for this purpose, however I made a few changes to the pattern. First, I used Rainforest and Summer Sunset from Jodyr Designs instead of the solid colors, than picked the green and red on the flower accordingly from my stash so everything would look good together. I didn't want that horizontally-stripped look working with varingated floss usually has, so I stitched both bunnies in diagonals, which was a little confusing so for the first time in years, I went and marked my pattern off with a highlighter. I also replaced the stitched circle surrounding the heart with beads from my stash - it's my first time using beads in stitching, and I'm really proud of myself, haha. What did I learn though? I need to get a proper needle for that, because mine all don't fit through the tiny beads...

I'm going to order a frame for this, than submit it to the contest. I really like how it turned out; it's nice to work on simpler designs, than do a lot of experimenting without being afraid of seriously messing up.

Yesterday, I finally started working on Angel of Frost, a christmas present for my grandma. It's my first time working with a scroll frame, and I had to wrestly quite a bit to get the fabric in there. I'm not entirely convince of the frame, to be honest; it just doesn't keep the tension in the way I'm used from my q snap, and it's not easy to handle when not using a stand...but I'm willing to try a while longer, maybe I'll get the hang of it eventually.

As for non crafting, I'm quite busy gaming at the see, I'm quite obsesses with those platinum trophies you get for completely finishing games on the PlayStation 3, and I decided to get Final Fantasy XIV as my #50, as it is rather difficult and time intensive. And while I'm working towards completing that, I'm only at 44 platinums anyway, so I will need to get another five quickly, that's why appart from FF14 I'm only playing more or less quick games at the moment, although I usually really love long, long RPGs and such. During the last weeks, I finished both Sly Racoon, a remake from the PS2 stealth jum'n run, and Hotline Miami, a rather bloody game but with the graphics and feeling of something made in the 90s, which makes it suitable for me as well (I'm not usually into gory stuff) and the gameplay itself was quite addictive. Don't know if anyone here is interested in my gaming tales anyway, but I just feel like telling it anyways, feel free to skip those parts if they don't interest you ^_^


Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

Games? I have Animal Crossing....and I can't stop playing except to cross stitch!!! I really LOVE your bunnies.

Now that scroll frame...I have three or four of the large ones and don't use them anymore because they are so heavy. I did pick up a lap stand and will try using that since I cannot use my stand up stand (sending that one to Krystal), but when Pinky used the larger scroll frames she does hers diagonally and not the way you and I use it. I thought that was interesting and might try that.

For better tension on those bars, try painter's tape on the ends so when you roll the fabric it is even and will stay taught. :D

katjakay said...

Those bunnies are adorable, and I love the diagonal look, very different and fun, can't give you advice on the frames as I've never used them, not even a qsnap

Leonore Winterer said...

I used to play Animal Crossing waaaay ago, but shamefully it has long lost its charm for me :( Can't keep my hands off the new Harvest Moon titles though :D

I sewed the fabric in really tight but it just doesn't stay tense, I suppose I'm giving up on those frames for the time being :(

Leonore Winterer said...


Wait, are you stitching completely without frames, or did you just want to say you're using 'traditional' hoops?