Friday 1 March 2024

WIPGO - March

My second month of WIPGO was slightly less successful than the first one - I actually had to spend about 40 minutes today to reach my last goal. Now could blame that one the month being a day short; but honestly, I was also 'slacking off' around the middle of the month, focusing on a couple knitting and crochet projects, so it's not as if I don't know where the time went! Still, 40 minutes is not a lot, and I did reach my other goals for the month too, so I'm still counting this as a success.

I did 1000 cross stitches on Guardian of Wayfarers - all of them blue - then spent the remainder of my ten hours back stitching (I don't have an accurate count on that, as CrossStitch Saga counts backstitch differently than I usually do). It did bring my new total to 58.5%, however, which is nicely on track to finishing this year!

You can see the difference the backstitch makes...I mostly added the branches in the background, but also started a little bit on the dragon's wing. Lots more to go, though!

My other project for the month was the Lizzie Stitching Wallet by FabyReilley Designs. I continued where I left off the last time I worked on it (probably I couple years ago), finishing section 5 (cross stitch) and 6 (backstitch, knots and beads) of the SAL, which completed the outside of what will evenually be...well, a stitching wallet.

I then scrolled down to a fresh section of fabric, and spent some time outlining the inside of the wallet, which will eventually hold Section 7, 8, and part of 9. I even managed to stitch up all of section 7, and make a small start on section 8.

I think another ten hours might see the stitching done or very close to done (there is very extensive finishing instructions, though). I'll also need to locate the right shade of green felt (not sure if I already bought it when I started this project, or not) for section 8 and 9.

So, let's look at the board for March, then:

My plan is still working out nicely, with one call of GoW and one other project...which is Charming, my little kitty. I've worked on this one on and off over the last year or two, but never focused on it so I'm not sure when's the last time I showed it - at any rate, this is where he's currently at:

I got about 2000 stitches to go on this one, plus some (mild) backstitching, so it probably won't be done in ten hours...but it might just get close enough to try and finish it anyways. We'll see how it goes!

And there we are - add in TLoA, my monthly sheep, and some crochet, and I'm all set for another month - let's go!


Pamela said...

Nice progress! Congrats for staying on track!

diamondc said...

Leonore: Wow Guardian is amazing and such beautiful colors, Faby Riley is such a pretty designs, I am looking forward to seeing it finished, oh my your cat is beautiful, those blue eyes are so lovely.
Have a great week.


Keebles said...

Ha! Look who's actually reading other blogs! Wow, your work is amazing! And you're right about backstitching, but just the thought makes my head hurt! You are a far superior woman, my friend!