Tuesday 19 March 2024

March Fully Finished Gallery

Welcome to my (very late) update for the March Fully Finished Gallery, in which I...admit defeat? Learn a lesson? Maybe both. 

March has been a bit of a crazy month for me, not because of any one thing, but because I've been sick a little, my grandma has been sick a medium amount, and Felix has been sick a lot (he's still feeling very under the weather this week), throw in a couple birthdays and a lot of work...so my best laid plans have been derailed. Crafting is still happening, but after work and chores and anything else that might come up, I just want to sit on my couch and relax, not get out my sewing machine!

So my grande plans of finishing both Little Sheep Virtues Hope (January) and Peace (March) were severely derailed. I found some time to iron the stitching and cut the fabrics, but couldn't committ to actually sit and sew! not being able to face losing my 'streak' for FFG, I tried to force it last night, sitting at my sewing machine at a time that I should actually have been in bed already...I kept messing up and making stupid mistakes, but I was tired and stubborn and pressed on. And of course, I messed up big time with the seam allowance and ended up with this...I could have screamed in frustration!

I'm moderately sure I can fix it...unpick it, cut new fabric for the front, and do it all again. The stitching is not lost. But lesson learned - I'm getting better with the sewing machine, but not good enough to work tired and under a time crunch! So I'm going to take a step back. I'm going to accept that a finished object is not going to happen this month. I'm sure I'll make up for it eventually...or maybe not, and that's okay too. I'm still posting this to show you I tried, and will (hopefully) be back with better results next year!


Pamela said...

These are very cute!

diamondc said...

Leonore: I hope you all are feeling better soon, spring is coming here in Minnesota and so many are ill with colds flu and sinus problems.
I like both pillows, it looks like a simple fix.
Please share after it is fully finished.


Toki said...

I'll send you my favorite words.
「Shall we make a bigger dent? Someday it will become a vessel that fills many」
First of all, get some rest. Try to sink deepen.
The deeper you sink, the bigger the hole will be in your heart, but don't worry. This is because many of your creative intentions and activities will fill that hole and it will disappear.