Sunday 18 June 2023

June Fully Finished Gallery

I was so good this month...honestly! I got a project finished and finished-finished for Rachel's Fully Finished Gallery SAL before we even left for our trip last week...and then I just put of writing this post. Sigh. Can't be helped. And I have such an exciting project to share! It's been a while since I talked about it, but I picked up Flower Trellis, an all-beads kit by Mill Hill. There are two ornaments in the kit, and I've been stitching the first of the two. Here is was after all the beads had been added to the paper...but I think that was just about half the beads used in the ornament! Honestly, there is sooo much bling.

After stitching all the beads down, I carefully cut out the shape and folded it closed. Then all the seams where closed with a whip stitch, and THEN all that whip stitch was covered with more beads. And then I added a hanger and tassles, all beads too of course! This thing catches the light like you wouldn't believe it, and it's actually kind of heavy, but I'm also really proud of how it turned out!

I hope to get started on the second ornament soon, and then I also got another kit in purple and orange ready to go...lots of beads in my future!


Toki said...

Very nice. The beads are cute because they sparkle differently depending on the angle.

Margaret said...

I’ve only ever done one bead kit and I found it excruciating so I admire both your persistence and your finished product. Well done

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That’s so pretty! You need to make lots more in different colours now!