Friday, 24 March 2023

The Jacquie SAL, Part 6

In February, I worked on part 6 of the Jacquie SAL by Faby Reilly Designs - and that was were things got exciting! I was stitching another dragonfly, but this one had a lot more specialty stitches and techniques.

The stems of the flowers in the background where done in whipped backstitch, which I had used on a TW before, but the body was new to me: A woven Picot stitch, in which you use a pin to secure a number of threads that you weave through:

The wing was also done in stumpwork technique, using organza fabric. I was trying to be thrifty, so I used some of the fabric that was cut off from my wedding dress to adjust the length, and that worked perfectly! I also have enough of the fabric to do the four wings needed in the last part of the SAL.

Cutting it out was a little scary, but eventually I managed and put it all together. Isn't it lovely?

This month I'm working on Part 7, which is just the basis for the last month will be Part 8, which will repeat all these fancy techniques though, and then May will be assembly!


mylene said...

Looking lovely and beautiful coluors you've used.

Toki said...

Is lace a wedding dress?
This doragonfly must be the happiest dragonfly.
I'm looking forward to the finish.

diamondc said...

Leonore: Congratulations on the wing fabric work for the dragon fly, very sweet design.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Look at you, doing the fancy stuff!!
Looks amazing and I love the idea of using a piece of your wedding dress in the project too.

Pamela said...

Stumpwork, yay! This is fabulous!