Sunday, 19 March 2023

March Gifted Gorgeousness

Welcome again to my Gifted Gorgeousness for March, Jo's wonderful SAL after everything gifted and giftee! For me, it's usually a place to talk about my yarn work rather than my stitching, as I love to craft for family and friends, and they in turn like to gift me yarn. 

This month, I have to report a failure on my biggest goal...I did not make a lot of progress on my Snuggle Up blanket, and so it won't be done by it's one year mark on my birthday next week. I managed another two or three rounds, but it doesn't look much different, and I don't want to show it again before it's done! Hopefully in April. 

I did, however, finish one small gift, and that was a new pair of Jacobi Wristwarmers for my grandma, using the leftover yarn from my Hermione socks. I gave them to her for her birthday this week, but here they are on my own hands before I parted with them:

I've also done some crochet. Last time I showed you the start of an Amigurumi I was making...I have added a couple parts, but not as much as I had planned. Time just got away from me this month! Still, I could not resist starting yet another crochet project just this weekend. A friend had given me some super bulky yarn a while back, and I decided to use it and make a basket to hold some other yarn. Basically a win-win on the stash buster front! Here's my start, hopefully this won't take more than a few days, and also the collected parts of the blue Amigurumi:


Toki said...

What a lovely gift.😆
It's the same yarn as your socks.
Your grandma must have laughed in surprise when she found the present.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Love the hand warmers. I have quite a collection now as I wear them all winter. Your dragon scales are my favourites!

Carol said...

I'm sorry your blanket didn't grow, but some months are just too busy to fit in our crafting. I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday! My son turned 41--can hardly believe I have a child so old :) Have a great week ♥