Sunday 26 February 2023

February WIPocalypse

 Hello again! How nice of you to check in with my for the February check in of WIPocalypse this year. 

The question of the month is What stitch-a-longs (SALs) are you participating in this year? This year, I didn't start any new stitch-alongs, but I'll be trying to get caught up (read: finish) a couple that I started, sometimes years ago, and dropped along the way. Currently I'm working on the Jacquie SAL and hope to finish it in April or May. Blogwise, I'm just doing my usual four - WIPocalypse (this one), Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness and 'The People Chose' SAL, as well as Rachel's Fully Finished Gallery! Not super exciting, but I got my monthly routine and I like it. And even with just those four, I'm often struggling to get my posts up in time!

On the other hand, this SAL is my place to show my monthly progress on The Loneliness of Autumn by Lovy Thy Thread, which I am stitching at the steady pace of one length of floss a day (or the equivalent amount of lengths per month). Last month, I had just started the 825, a very pretty (and comperatively bright) blue. This month, I finished that, and most of the next colour, which is 920!

Of course the 920 isn't all that exciting and just filling in gaps in the existing brown and reddish colours, but just 103 stitches left and then I get to move on to 471, which will show up for sure as it's a nice light green! Whee. There will be a number of nice colours this year, and I'm very excited for each of them.

Current status is 81,861/118,800 stitches or 68.91% done, with 1,604 stitches added in February.


Pamela said...

Fabulous piece! I’ve been following your progress on this since the beginning.

Rachel said...

Oh wow, that's beginning to look much more colourful now! And with most of the drab/darker colours out of the way, it will only get more colourful. Have fun with them!

Carol said...

This is growing more and more beautiful! Fascinating to see each color appear. Hope March is very special--of course it will be with a birthday in there :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The blue does show up nicely!
Green is going to look great too.
Glad that you are continuing with my SALs as well this year. I keep the linky open until the last minutes of the month just for you!