Friday 21 October 2022

The September SALs

Working full time again, the month is getting away from me a bit, and I still owe you some blog posts! One of them being my September SALs, which I finished almost two weeks ago! 

First, my temperature tree, which was actually finished very early in the month because I'm always looking forward to working on this one! Isn't it so pretty? I can't believe there's only three branches left though, and we're heading into the greens again!

My Magical Kingdom took a little longer, but is just was exciting! For one, the November part (which I stitched in October - remember, running 11 months behind) is one of my favourite parts of the whole SAL. I think it's really well done and love the colours!

But more importantly, being the November part, there is only one left! So this is going to be a big finish next month. I'll have to think of something else to post about in these monthly updates then...although I got a couple ideas already!


Pamela said...

I love the temperature tree!

diamondc said...

Hi Leonore: Magical kingdom is so sweet, I like the temperature tree is beautiful, what a wonderful idea for a design.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Fabulous work on both pieces. The tree is going to be quite symmetrical which will be very pleasing to the eye. Unless global warming hits December and we have high temperatures again!