Monday, 17 October 2022

October Fully Finished Gallery

Everything is still a little topsy-turvy after starting the new job and not finding enough hours left in the day, but that's not really an excuse for missing this checkin...because the stitching was all ready over two weeks ago and I just took 5 minutes to finish-finish it today!

'It' being Hello Autumn, the last one of a cute little series by Durene Jones that I stitched up over the last years. I used double sided tape to stick it to a piece of card board, and it's now part of my fall decoration:

 As I said, that's the last of the set, so thought you might want to see them all together:

Nothing too month, we might be seeing the first Christmas ornament though. IF I can decide on a pattern to start!


diamondc said...

Hi Leonore: they are all lovely Doreen does have some lovely designs.

Have a great day

Pamela said...

The seasonal greetings are very sweet. I know what you mean about trying to decide which Christmas project to start. There are so many options!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That is a cute design and a sweet series.