Sunday, 26 June 2022

2019 NYE SAL - Finish

This month on trying to get my WIPs down, I picked up where I had left of in May, that is with the 2019 NYE SAL. Last time I had finished the front and made a start on the back, so I thought there'd probably not be too much left to do for a fully finish, and I was right! About 7 hours later, all the stitching was done:

Tadaa! I think it's a really pretty winter-y pattern, plus it feels good to have it done finally after almost three years! 

This post is weirdly short, and you are probably asking yourself whether I have finish-finished this yet - yes, yes I do, but I'm kind of saving that picture for July FFG because I don't know if I can get another finish done by then! So yeah, that's it for today, but I will be back soon :)


Pamela said...

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is lovely and I'm so pleased you were able to finish it off. When I was first trying to get my WIPs down in number, I sorted them by size and did the smallest ones first. That's why I have so many BAPs on my list now!