Sonntag, 21. November 2021

November Gifted Gorgeousness

I am still working on a number of gifts, and even though I can't show all of them to the internet just yet (and have already shown you a number of others, like my latest progress on Fans and the secret Santa ornaments), but there are two crochet projects that I have progress to show on!

First, there's the shawl I'm making for my grandma. I've been steadily working on this and finally reached the purple - how exciting! This also means I'm getting pretty close to the end of the yarn. I think maybe one more repeat of the pattern now before I have to start working on the border! Should be done in plenty of time for Christmas.

I'm also still working on my Ubuntu blanket, the yarn for which was a present for my birthday. Last month, I finally finished all the single parts of the blanket, so this month I went to attach them all and made a start on the blanket. Let's just say it's a good thing it's getting cold outside, because working on the blanket now means sitting UNDER the blanket! 

There are about twenty more rows of border to do at this point, and each one takes over an hour at the moment, so still a ways to go, but it's fun! It is getting harder to photograph properly, though, so I think for now I'll show you my progress on the border like this:

4 Kommentare:

Pamela hat gesagt…

Beautiful crochet projects. Your grandmother will love the shawl.

diamondc hat gesagt…

Leonore: Thes are so pretty, nice work.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname hat gesagt…

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I didn't realise the blanket was so big!
Gorgeous colours in your Grandma's shawl too.

Carol hat gesagt…

Oh, your grandmother will love that pretty shawl, Leonore! How could she not in those luscious colors? And your blanket looks like the perfect thing to be working on as these cold winter months set in. Enjoy!