Monday 10 May 2021

May Fully Finished Gallery

 I usually try to catch up on my missing blog posts in order,'s the tenth of the month, and I have all my projects and pictures ready to go, I just can't miss this opportunity to post right in time and surprise everyone! It's also my 600th post on this blog (woooo), so maybe time to turn over a new leaf? (who am I kidding, pretty sure this will be a one-off freak accident!).

So - I have a total of three finishes to show you this month. All of them were recent stitching finishes, nothing out of that dreaded box of shame, but I will take it! First one is the Autumn SAL - I found some fun metallic orange beads in my stash, and some nice purple ones too, and turned it into a very Halloween-coloured biscornu!

The other two were mostly Felix' doing, but I picked out the frames and snoopervised! I had him frame the 2017 Steotchalong in this perfectly sized frame from my stash (I'm not sure were I picked it up in the first place, but it's an old-ish one):

The frame for House Rules, however, was ordered especially. We picked out a dark red wooden frame to balance the blue fabric, and I love the over all look! Can't wait to meet our friends and give it to them. Hopefully, it will be possible some time over the summer.

I think that puts me almost up-to-date with finish-finishing, so who knows...maybe next time I'll have to pick something from the box? *shudders*


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Posting on the actual day? Who are you? Just because Rachel only gives you ten days to link up and I allow the entire month!
Those three finishes look great too. I really must make a biscornu for myself.

Sheryl said...

Pretty biscornu colours. I think I need to stitch some House Rules too.

Carol said...

Great job with your finishing this month, Leonore! The red frame for the last one is perfect--and how nice that Felix is so handy with the framing. I'm trying to get my husband interested in making frames for me--so far he's not budging :)

Rachel said...

Thanks for linking up, although I'm not sure I could cope if you continued to be so early! Love all your FFOs and Felix's participation. Husbands have their occasional uses (with mine it's getting rid of spiders!) :)