Monday 3 May 2021

April WIPocalypse

 It's already May, but I just caught up on my WIPocalypse stitching, so here we go! First, there is the question of the month: Have you found yourself to be more or less productive in your stitching during the Covid-19 pandemic? I'm very curious to read everyone else's answers to this one. For me personally, I think it stayed more or less the same. I've been working full time, sometimes a little more than before (as we had to convert all out lectures to online-only). I gained a little time due to no longer having to commute and stitching on my lunch breaks, but things with my grandma also got a little more hectic. There has been less going out or traveling, so I gained time in the evenings and on weekends (and when I took time off work), so I had some really good days and weeks, but sometimes I really wasn't feeling it ('languishing' as I recently learnt, it seems to be pretty common lately). So I think, all in all, my productivity remained about on the same level. I might have gotten a bit more focused (although I'm not sure that's the pandemic's 'fault'!), however!

Now for said stitching...I'm SALing The Loneliness of Autumn with Rachel. You can find her monthly update here. Personally, my progress last month was here:

I had only about 300 stitches of my 4th colour, 898, left to finish at this point, so I got this done relatively early in April:

I forgot to get the numbers at that point, possibly because I was too excited to start my next colour: 814, a lovely dark red. There are 3,658 stitches of this in total, and I got about 2k of them done. 

It's not standing out as much as I had hoped, but close up it's really pretty! I almost finished the first two rows of pages, and there are 1,743 stitches left now, so there will probably a new colour started again in May. Another blue, if I remember correctly. New total: 37,918 stitches and 31,92%. I also passed 200 hours on this project - 209h57m, to be exact! So...probably a bot over 600h to finish the whole thing? Hah, good thing I'm having fun!


Pamela said...

I love this autumn project!

Carol said...

It's so much fun watching how this piece is appearing color by color, Leonore! I hope you enjoy the red stitching...814 is a lovely shade.

Will you be going back into work when Covid is under control? Both my son and his girlfriend are hoping they can continue to work from home (at least for most of the week). Things certainly have changed over the past 14 months. Take care now ♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's looking lovely as each colour is added.
My stitching also stayed about the same, I just changed how and when I stitch!

diamondc said...

Leonore: This is such a pretty design very French looking.


Clare-Aimetu said...

Your SAL with Rachel is looking great. It's nice to read about everyone's 2020 stitching experiences