Freitag, 26. März 2021

March Gifted Gorgeousness

This month, I have a lot to show for WIPocalypse - not only have I been pretty busy on the gift making front, but it also was my birthday a couple days ago and I got some crafty gifts of my own! 

Last month, I was working on that cute kangaroo mum ragdoll. I since have managed to finish her, and also made her a little baby to put in her pouch. These two are for the two little boys a friend of Felix has had over the last years (and somehow I have managed to not make anything for them yet!).

I had a new baby gift project start right away, and this one is for their youngest cousin. I wanted to make another blanket, but something a bit more relaxing than Little River (with all those colour changes and ends to weave in), so I starte what the pattern calls the 'Deluxe Baby Blanket' but it's really just a two-row-pattern called shell stitch, done from one continous cake of yellow cotton! For some reason, this very simple pattern is giving me quite some trouble as I keep making mistakes in the 'foundation' row and realizing them only when I need to take out almost one round of stitches. Hopefully I'll find my rhythm on it eventually, there's quite a bit to go!

 Now for fun new stash - I had asked Felix for a couple balls of yarn so I could make a start on the big Ubuntu blanket, a project I'd been eying for years. Unbeknownst to me, he got a lot of my friends in on it, aaaand...on my birthday, I got a big-butt-box of yarn (there's way more under there, 67 balls in total):

Now this is a long term project for sure, but of course I already made a start on it. There are 12 parts in total, and this is half of the first one - 6 hours of work so far, and I loved every minute of it!

My grandma really outdid herself too, and got me the pattern, beads and kreinik for Bella Filipina's 'Bellatrix'. A couple friends and I have made plans to start this pattern for Halloween together this year, and now I only need to see if I have some matching fabric in my stash, or need to buy another piece! Isn't she pretty? I'm super excited about starting her.

So that's it for the month - Ubuntu will probably a constant companion in this SAL for a while, as will the baby blanket. I also have a couple smaller gift projects planned, though!


diamondc hat gesagt…

Leonore: Your fingers have been busy, I like the Kangaroo's so sweet.
I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the new stitch.
Have a lovely week-end


Clare-Aimetu hat gesagt…

Your Kanga and Roo is adorable. What a super birthday present, the yarn looks great, perfect for your blanket

Bethan hat gesagt…

Happy belated birthday! That box of wool for Ubuntu is amazing! Looking forward to seeing it grow x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname hat gesagt…

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. A Birthday is always a good excuse to get gifted gorgeousness and your family were super generous to you too!

Susan hat gesagt…

The kangaroos are adorable! Perfect gifts. Love the yellow blanket - I'm one of the few people that really like yellow.