Tuesday, 9 February 2021

The January SALs

 With some delay, I started all my SALs for the year, and I'm ready to show you my January progress! 

First, there was the Sampler SAL. This is another fun idea by Magical and the goal is to practice new stitches and techniques through the year. Each month she designs one ~110x70 stitches 'page' and I think each page is going to have a different theme - this first week was single stitches, so everything where each thread lies individually on the fabric - backstitch, eyelets, satin stitch, and such. For me, I need to improvise a bit, because I'm using a very un-even fabric I got from ebay and the count is almost 50% more in one direction than the other! Just to be clear - this shape in the middle is supposed to be square...

I'm also picking random threads from my box of left overs, so this is not just a fun practice exercise but I'm also getting to use up some stash I haven't found a use for before. And it's fun!

Next, and the main reason I'm late, is the Temperature SAL - this has been a little cursed. The fabric I wanted didn't fit, the one I had, I cut wrong, and then after I ordered and received new fabric, I had a medium frogging event. And Magical had similiar issues with hers! In the end, I prevailed (and I'm sure she will too!), and I stitched up the January part (lots of cute little flowers this year) and a bit of the border - my goal is to do a little bit of that each month to not get overwhelmed.

And then, as promised, my last 'SAL slot' is reserved for catching up on older SALs, so I picked up the 2020 Autumn Mystery SAL and finished the front (it was missing just 6 of 30 parts before). Hopefully, this month, I'm going to make a start on the back, which looks pretty similar!


Carol said...

Oh, you are in so many SAL's! Nice progress on each one, Leonore. It will be interesting to see your new stitches and techniques on that first one. Enjoy your day ♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on your SALs. It will be interesting to see how the unevenweave fabric turns out.
Nice start on the Temperature SAL too. I wasn't going to do another one but then I saw a bookshelf design! Still debating.

Pamela said...

You’ve chosen some great stitch a longs. I really need to finish last year’s NYE piece!

Rachel said...

Great SALs! The speciality stitches SAL looks as if it's going to be fun (especially with uneven fabric!) and no doubt the temperature SAL will be really pretty as the year progresses. Good idea to try to finish some older SALs too. How many do you have which you would like to finish this year? :)