Saturday, 27 February 2021

February Gifted Gorgeousness

 Is anyone else having a really strange month? I'm not even sure why, but I'm feeling tired and burnt out most of the time, and days just seem to pass me by without much of a difference. Now that I'm writing it down, I guess this lockdown/pandemic situation is just catching up with me, and I'm exhausted. I'm trying to not be to hard on myself for missing/not being on top of things, but there still is some blogging I want to catch up on eventually (as well as reading and commenting on all of your updates and answering comments - I'll be getting there, but sorry for now!).

So - of course I can't miss the checkin for Gifted Gorgeousness, I think I haven't missed a single one yet (also Jo is better on the statistics than I am, and I might have missed on or two after the years this SAL has been running after all). And as you know, I always have some gift projects on the way and am not likely to run out of things to share, either!

Today, the first project I have to share is a big-ish finish - my Little River Blanket! This is a bit of a double fit, as the kit was a Christmas present from Felix in 2019, and I now finished the blanket as a gift for a friend of ours who just had her second baby boy in January.

I love how this uses all the colours! So many ends to weave in, but so much fun too. I have enough of each colour left over for another fun project as well, so even more fun to come in the future.

After the blanket was finished, I started another one of my beloved rag dolls - I finished quite a few of them from a book I got for Christmas one year, and have recently aquired part 2 which has even more cute animals. There are two more books I need to get in the future, but for know I'm working on this little kangaroo from book 2 - just finished all the single parts and only need to sew them together now!

This is for a friend of Felix' who has two baby boys also, and somehow I missed making something for them so far! Now I'm making this kangoo momma and her baby for the two of them to play with.

The last picture I have to share today is a bit of a tease...I've been working on this House Rules chart since early November and while I still have to share my full 30 hours update, I can already tell you that, at roughly 40 hours, I'm nearly done now! I ran out of the red Kreinik working on the very last word with just two and a half letters missing, but I finally got more today so I should be able to finish this soon now. It's a housewarming gift for two good friends of ours.


diamondc said...

Leonore: The blanket is lovely, that little bear is adorable.
I am anxious to see the House Rules finished and see all the words.
Have a sweet day


Pamela said...

That baby blanket is so sweet! Love all the colors.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Now I have to go and check my spreadsheets to see how many you have taken care in!
Love that rainbow blanket and the little kangaroo.
I don't like to show the full piece when I am close to the end.
Sorry to hear that you are felling meh, it is becoming relentless now.

Sheryl said...

Gorgeous Little River blanket with such pretty colours and I love the kangaroo soft toy, how welcome that is going to be.

Shami Immanuel said...

Your blanket is gorgeous.

BeingBored89 said...

These are all so nice! I especially love the blanket!