Samstag, 30. September 2017

The Alphabet Club - Z

I put so much effort into catching up with this SAL and then I almost miss the very last check-in...sounds right like me, doesn't it?

So for Z, our last letter, we have Link from the Legend of Zelda:

And for our German word of the month, we have 'zwölf' - twelve. Nothing fancy, or funny, but a wonderful bridge to the next monthly SAL, recently introduced by the wonderfully creative Jo: The twelve Zodiacs. Each month we are going to target one, with stitching appropriat to either the zodiac directly, or the birth stone/flower, element, or whatever else we see fit. I, for my part, have a few ideas I think you will like, and I am currently busy preparing my first post for October, and I hope it will be finished soon to share with you!


  1. Good for you, making it through the entire alphabet! I look forward to reading your zodiac posts.

  2. So, jetzt hast du's geschafft. Und die Zwölf als Übergang zu Jos nächstem Abenteuer ist perfekt. Bin gespannt, was du sticken wirst. Ich hatte es auch kurz überlegt, aber ich möchte erst mal eine Pause einlegen und keine neuen Verpflichtungen eingehen. Nächstes Jahr möchte ich weitgehend nur frei sticken, alles, was mir in den Sinn kommt.

  3. Great segue into the Zodiac SAL! How perfect that 12 begins with a Z, I am most impressed by the German language.

  4. This is awesome! Congratulations on finishing the alphabet!