Sonntag, 24. September 2017

All the crafting we missed...

I have a bit of crafting progress to tell you about that kind of fell through the net with all the traveling and other stuff going on, so let me just quickly sum that up.

I managed to stay on top with one of my one-legth-a-day projects - Snowwhite. She's almost two months in now and I have decided that I'm going to stitch up to where her skirt meets her bodice, then continue with the skirt all the way to the bottom.

On The Puppeteer, I am still not quite up to date, but I actually managed to catch up a bit more and am now less than two weeks behind. What's more important, I had another page finish, which brought me to a full row finish across the width of the design!

In the weekends (not including the one we spent in Ireland and also not the current one - because that brought more progress I will show you soon) I continued working on Fire and Ember, and the face really starts to fill in now - I do love my little red dragon!

Last but not least, there are the two projects I brought to Italy with me. For conference itself, I brought some knitting - Viajante, that huge knitting project. I made some decent progress - about 40 rows, but I decided to stop counting them and just knit, so I'm not quite sure. I'm also not sure this will ever be finished! It's going to be huge, but so far it's still pretty tiny.

For the train and hotel, I brought my Halloween Cat with me, and made some pretty nice progress - I finished the head and hat and also the moon and clouds. Next up I'll work my way down the left side and then across to the right. Maybe I can even still finish her before Halloween?


  1. Great progress on all these projects!

  2. Awesome progress on all of your projects Leonore.


  3. Ganz sicher wird die Katze bis Ende Oktober fertig werden. Die gefällt mir jetzt schon ausnehmend gut. Ich bin ja keine Katzenliebhaberin, aber Halloween-Katzen gefallen mir irgendwie, die haben so was ...
    Schöner Fortschritt bei deinen anderen Projekten.

  4. Great progress on all your lovely projects!

  5. Great work on all your projects, especially the gorgeous Fire & Ember and the spooky cat.

  6. Great progress - I really love the Hallowe'en cat! x

  7. Lovely progress on all your projects =) The Halloween Cat is so cute =)

  8. They are all coming along beautifully, I really love to see the dragon progressing!