Montag, 7. März 2016

Quick Weekend Update

Last weekend, Felix and I visited his family - which was fun, albeit a bit tiring - so I had to put my usual stitching on hold for those days and take my usual travel projects with me, and I wanted to show you the progress I made before I can hopefully have a proper progress post on my WIPs later this week :)

In the car, I did a bit of knitting on my current baby jacket and I made quite some nice progress, although I'm still on the first skein so there is quite a bit more to go.

And then, of course, I took Lady with me again, and made quite some progress on her as well - not very impressive in pure stitch numbers, perhaps, but I got through quite a confetti-heavy bit (the man and woman and stroller in the upper right of the already stitched area) and started on the green area to the right of that, so the next part will be a bit easier and faster :)

I'm back home now and working on Turtles and Kitsune, and hopefully I'll have something to show on both of these soon :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed your family weekend.
    That's quite a complex travel pattern! I usually take something with only a few colours. It is looking good though.

  2. Yes, I agree with Jo, an impressive travel piece.

  3. Nice work on both and glad you had fun. I tend to choose easy ones for travel, you must like a challenge. :)

  4. The new baby jacket is very lovely with that yarn color...of course you always pick great colors to knit with! confetti or not you really did get some stitching done!

  5. Was für schön Farben das Garn für das Baby-Jäckchen hat. Macht sicher viel Spaß zu stricken. Aber dass du das im Auto kannst, toll. Und du hast Fortschritte gemacht auf deinem Stick-Projekt. Dieses Konfetti-Sticken ist ja nicht jedermanns Sache, aber mir macht's nichts aus, ich mag dagegen nicht diese größeren Blöcke mit nur einer Farbe, wie sie bei Häusern oft auftreten.