Freitag, 11. März 2016

Finish, finish, finish!

Today, I have three different kinds of finishes to show you - two of them were already done much earlier in the week, actually, but somehow I'm only managing to post them now, so there's a third one to accompany them :)

First, I had a stitching finish on Turtles all the Way Down - here are the last two fullsized turtles, and then the smaller one trailing off into infinity. Right now, I am in the process of finish-finishin them as a wall hanging for my grandmas birthday on Monday, so hopefully I'll have a final shot to show you soon :)

Next up, I put a few more stitches into Kitsune and actually had a page finish on her - you can clearly see the start of one of her tails now. Since the pages are pretty small, only about 40x60 stitches, I'm thinking I'll do one more page on this one before switching back to my other big project, Dark Force.

The last finish is on a small new start I had this week - the organization concern is hosting the Stitch for Syria event, where stitchers from all over the world are stitching a small free pattern and sending their squares in to make one big wall hanging for a place in Syria that teaches women and girls embroidery in order to earn them some kind of living, and here is mine, stitched on 14ct aida using DMS Colour Variations 4122. I'll iron it and take a new picture for the gallery, then put it in the post soon-ish.

So this weekend, I'm working on the finish-finish for the turtles, but also on the second page of Kitsune, and then I had a new start I will share in the next update...lot's of great stitching going on here!


  1. Lovely update! Kitsune is really looking good, like a painting. I finished a square for Syria too this week.
    Your turtles look brilliant! I really like the infinity turtles... I'm sure your grandmother will love this one.

  2. You have been busy, busy, busy! The turtles look great in those colours.
    I must stitch my second Syria square and get it mailed.

  3. Lovely stitching.I love your Turtle finish:)

  4. Congrats on finishing the turtles and a page finish too! Plus the Syria stitch looks fantastic. I still need to finish mine.

  5. Die Schildkröten sind toll geworden, ein sehr originelles Design. Bin gespannt, wie der Wandbehang aussieht.
    Guter Fortschritt bei Kitsune. Und dein Quadrat für Syrien gefällt mir auch sehr gut mit dem DMC Verlaufsgarn gestickt. So viele Stickerinnen unterstützen das Projekt schon.

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