Mittwoch, 2. März 2016

February WIPocalypse

Just a *tad* late this's getting better! At least a bit. Anyways, time for February WIPocalypse. The question of the month is If you have any of your pieces on display in your home, which attracts the most plaudits? and well, actually...I do not have anything on display :( I'm stitching mostly gifts, so things I stitch for myself get often put to the side and, when I do finish something, I don't finish-finish them, and while I do attempt to change that, for now, I can't really tell you anything. I'm sorry!

What I can do is show you my most resent stitching updates...there's three more turtles on the wall hanging for my grandma, I only have one and a half weeks left to finish this so I better keep at it!

These are the last unique colours I will be using, so after this it's repetitions - two more full sized turtles, then a couple smaller ones.

I also stitched a bit more on column, so about 500 stitches. What's exciting is that you can actually see something now - the very tip of the first of her tails! I'm aiming for a page finish here soon, it's just one and a half columns so I'll do it as one.

And...that's it! Don't really know what else to tell you as nothing exciting is happening at the moment, and I'm totally okay with that :)


  1. Wonderful progress Leonore.


  2. FABULOUS!! The turtles are looking especially beautiful with that Jodyri floss you are using :D

  3. Beautiful stitching - you've made good progress on both of these! The turtles look really striking against that dark background.

  4. Ich habe auch nichts dagegen, wenn es ruhig ist und nichts aufregendes passiert :) Da hab ich mehr Zeit zum Sticken, lach. Schöner Fortschritt bei beiden Projekten.