Friday, 18 March 2016

March Gifted Gorgeousness

It's weekend again, so time for a progress post - and it's also time for March Gifted Gorgeousness, and since most of my progress falls into those categories, let's just combine them - suits me just right since I still don't really know what else to talk about here, life is as usual, maybe boring, but that's the way I like it ;)

So last weekend, my main goal was to finish Turtles All the Way Down into a wallhanging - grandma's birthday was on Monday, and I finished just in time on Sunday evening (not that it was that much work, it just wasn't as fun as the actual stitching and I ended up procrastinating a lot). Here it is in our apartment, by now it's hanging in my grandparent's hallway. I think she really liked it and wanted it on display somewhere where people will see it, and I have to say I'm rather proud of how it turned out myself ^_^

I also worked a bit more on Kitsune, which as a gift from Carla - I started page two, and finished the section of the border on the top. I am now slowly working my way through the second page of this lovely design.

Now the third project I've been working on is a new start, and does not qualify for the GG SAL, but it's still to exciting not to mention - our Stitching Pirates Group on deviantArt is holding a contest on game-related stitching (either videogames or traditional games) and I'm to much of a gamer to not contribute something! So after much searching, I finally found a pattern I really liked on Etsy, and last weekend I started stitching it on a moss green Jobelan. It's been a really fun and easy stitch so far, so I got quite a bit done already ^_^

For this weekend and the week after, my plans are to contiue working on Kitsune and Link, and to finally finish the baby jacket I'm working on...I'll be having a few days off work for Easter, so hopefully I'll make some decent progress :)


Linda said...

Lovely stitching Leonore.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The turtles look great as a wall hanging, love the end pieces!
Great progress on Kitsune and a nice new start too.

Tiffstitch said...

Awesome! Love seeing the turtle finish again and hooray for Link!

Heather said...

Yay Zelda! I need to play skyward sword and windwaker but need to finish my wip first. Grr lol. Everything looks great!

Justine said...

Your turtles piece looks wonderful finished into a wall hanging! Is it hard to do? I have one or two long pieces that would suit this type of finish. Great progress on Kitsune too!

Brigitte said...

Toll sieht das Geschenk für deine Oma aus. Und du hast sehr schöne Hänger dafür gefunden. Dadurch kommt der Glockenzug (ich weiß nicht, ob das der richtige Ausdruck ist) so richtig zur Geltung. Ja, ich würde ihn auch an sehr prominenter Stelle aufhängen.
Guter Fortschritt bei Kitsune. Und was Neues muss ja auch mal sein, nicht wahr :)))

Mini said...

Great finishing on the turtle piece. Your progress on Kitsune is good . Love the fabric color for the games one.