Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

January WIPocalypse

January is almost over, so I really need to get my WIPocalypse introdction post up now! If there are any among you who don't know it yet, WIPocalypse is a SAL hosted by Measi over at Measi's Musings. You know that I love low maintance SALs, and WIPocalypse is the lowest maintanance of them all - just about whatever you've been working on, every month or just some of them, doesn't matter. Measi also gives optional subjects to talk about each month, and January is traditionally the month to Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

So for any newcomers we might have here: Hello, I'm Leonore, 26 years old, from Germany. I'm a computer scientist, got my Master's degree last year, and now I work at university to get my PhD eventually. I live together with my boyfriend of almost six years, Felix, and the beautiful town of Freiburg in southern Germany, near the blackforest. I love cross stitch, which I taught myself at the age of about seven or eight, crochet, which my grandma taught me around the same time, and knitting, which I just picked up recently. I'm also trying to get into sewing and quilting, but haven't found the time to get very far yet. Most of my crafty projects so far have been gifts for other people - my grandma is my favourite 'victim' to receive said gifts, but I'm happy to craft for everyone who appreciates it. Besides crafting, my hobbies include reading, watching movies/shows, and video games.

Now for my projects, I have collected quite a few WIPs and, I'm afraid, also a few UFOs over the past few years. Here's a (probably not complete since I tend to forget about stuff) list that I hope to reduce a bit by the end of the year:
  • Cross Stitch Angel by Joan Eliott
  • Game of Thrones bookmarks by blacklupin
  • Lady and the Tramp by Candamar Designs/Thomas Kinkade
  • Cut Thru' Cottage by Bothy Thready
  • Peacock Tapestry by Teresa Wentzler
  • Dark Force by Tilton Crafts
  • Ornaments of the Month by Magical
  • Kitsune by Unconventional XStitch
  • Red Velvet Cake by Glendon Place
  • Things Unseen Sampler by Lizzie*Kate
  • A Perfectly Kept House by Lizzie*Kate
  • Autumn-Colourd Half-Granny Square Shawl by Gemacht mit Liebe
  • Fun coloured Easy socks by Ewa Jostes
  • Baby Suprise Jacket #4 by Monika Eckert
There are also a few projects I haven't worked on in years and that I may or may not get back to, so I'm not listing them here.

Now my long-time reads might have notices a few projects on there that I have not yet shown here, but don't worry, I will get to those soon-ish! (hopefully). In fact, one of them is right here: I started yet another Baby Suprise Jacket as a friend of my grandma and mind is going to be a first-time grandma soon, and I really, really love those colors! The gradient between the different blues is sooo pretty:

 The other thing I have been working on is Lady & The Tramp - I've finished the section I showed you last time and I am now ready to move the hoop up to the upper half of this half-page:

 For now, though, I'll have to put her aside since I just yesterday got some lovely supplies from Joydri...this is for a gift for my grandma, and I'll get stitching right away so I can finish before her birthday in mid-March.

 My other immediate plans are mostly knitting related - I need to get that jacket done, and also start the second sock. As for plans for the year, I have decided to spend less time planning and more time actually stitching! I don't have as many deadlines as I usually do...Cut Thru Cottage should be finished by the middle of the year, I have to big-ish starts planned (both presents for round birthdays with a ~2 year deadline), a pattern my friend Pinky made for me that I'm itching to start, and lots of other stuff that is calling to me...but I'd mostly like to finish some stuff, especially something for myself as our walls are sad and empty and in terrible need of pretty stitched pictures!

11 Kommentare:

Tiffstitch hat gesagt…

Nice progress on Lady and the Tramp and what's the new design going to be? My Grandma is my favourite "victim" as well. :)

Justine hat gesagt…

Lovely to know more about you and your projects! Those threads for your Grandma look interesting, I'd like to know what you're stitching for her too!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname hat gesagt…

Nice to meet you! I did not realise that you are so young LOL
That's probably why your list of WIPS is not as bad as mine. Looking forward to following your progress this year.

Heather hat gesagt…

Everything looks great! I love the jacket colors it's going to turn out really cool!

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack hat gesagt…

Leonore I love everything you do as always, I think you and I are on the same track for getting those WIP lists down to something more manageable <3 and YAY for another baby sweater, you are becoming quite the pro at that pattern!

Linda hat gesagt…

Lovely introduction Leonore. Your projects look great.


katjakay hat gesagt…

The colours of that sweater are wonderful and it's so nice to see Lady again.

ANGIE hat gesagt…

Hi Leonore, your projects are so nice! I love "Lady and the Tramp"! Happy stitching!

jocondine hat gesagt…

Hallo, your wool looks gorgeous and Lady & the Tramp have one more fan. How funny, Freiburg was in my last "TAC F post" I love to spend holidays in Black Forest (already 6 times, we always have great time there). Freundliche Grüße !

Brigitte hat gesagt…

Die Liste deiner Projekte ist sehr beeindruckend, es sind ein paar tolle Sachen dabei, die ich auch gerne sticken würde. Na ja, vielleicht später mal, wenn zwei, drei meiner Riesenprojekte fertig geworden sind. Aber das kann natürlich noch Jahre dauern.
Bei der Lady bist du ja schön weitergekommen. Und auf dein Geburtstagsprojekt für deine Oma bin ich schon sehr gespannt. Das Garn sieht auf jeden Fall schon mal toll aus. Von diesem Garn habe ich schon einiges gelesen, aber selbst noch nicht damit gestickt. Da wirst du sicher drüber schreiben, wenn du angefangen hast mit dem Projekt.

Suz hat gesagt…

Fantastic intro, and I look forward to seeing more of your progress! :)
I feel like this year I've been seeing a lot of "I really need to whittle down those WIPS" from a lot of people in bloglandia, and I'll be right there with you :)