Wednesday 12 June 2024

May WIPocalypse

Another really late WIPocalypse checkin, and another one I don't have much to talk about, as well - my stitching bug has returned, but was almost fully occupied with the Book of Fungi SAL in May. I do have grand plans to return to regularly scheduled stitching, that is, The Loneliness of Autumn, now in June, though; if not for a full 10 hours, then at least for a couple hundred stitches.

I will also not be taking part in the one-a-day challenge for this month; I usuall really enjoy these but, again, does not fit in will with all my SAL stitching currently. I am hoping that by the next challenge in October I will be back to regular business enough to pick up my last tablecloth for this challenge, though!

So the only thing that remains to talk about today is the question - How do you personally distinguish between a Work in Progress (WIP) and an Unfinished Object (UFO)? The simple answer would be, I don't, or rather, I can't. All my projects are WIPs, as I intend to go back and finish them eventually. If I actually want to 'be done' with an unfinished project and find closure, I need to give it away, frog, or trash it.
Currently I got only one project that is steering into UFO territory, it's a SAL that never had all parts released and at this point it is unsure whether they ever will be - although I'm still in contact with the designer, so not giving up hope just yet!

Last time I worked on it was in 2021 and this is how it currently looks:


Pamela said...

I hope the rest of the design is released!

jocondine said...

This is a very special case of course, looks like a "Robinson Crusoe stitching" abandoned on an island, waiting for a boat to come. XXX