Monday 17 June 2024

June Fully Finished Gallery

Despite having my sewing done really early this month, I'm posting pretty late...this time it was stuffing the little pillows that had to wait until the very last moment. Maybe I'm just a lost cause! But I did do some finishing this month, so maybe the timing isn't all that important.

First, I finished two more of my Little Sheep Virtues pillows - Peace, which you've seen as a failed finish before, and Faith, a much more recent finish. Since I accepted them all being a little different, I'm really having fun with these!

The other finish is one I believe I have not showed you since I finished stitching, I believe - it's my Meadow Tablecloth, that I used for the last couple WIPocalypse one-a-day challenges, and previously my oldest WIP. I finally finished the stitching earlier this year and, since the stitching as the sparse and the stitches so big, didn't quite trust the backside - so I covered it in very thin iron-on interfacing. Probably won't fall as nicely anymore, but it's a pretty small tablecloth anyway so not the kind you'd have hanging down on all sides of the table - and my stitching is safe now!

I think that's me caught up for finish-finishing everything I stitched this year, at least...but still plenty to go in my box of shame, so we'll see what I can whip up next month!


Pamela said...

Great to have three finishes, especially your oldest project!

Astrids dragon said...

Your pillows are adorable, I love the fabrics you're using with them.
The tablecloth is beautiful, do you have a small table to show it off on?