Sunday 19 May 2024

The Delicate Cardigan

I feel like I'm always telling you guys how much knitting and crochet I am doing, but don't always update you on what I actually knit and crochet - sorry about that! A big part of the reason is issues with taking pictures - with knit garments, there often isn't a ton of progress visible until it's done, and then you need to wear it and get good lighting to get decent pictures - definitely a two person job! I'll try to get better at updating you though, and maybe find out a good way to take progress pictures too.

For now, I have a finish to report - you might remember the cardigan I started last summer? It's been finished, and finish-finished, and blocked and washed and today I finally got around to taking pictures!

I'm really happy with how this turned out, it's comfy and warm, fits well and I love the colour. It was quite a big project because it was a pretty thin yarn, so it took some time, and I was happy to finally finish it - in time for when the air conditioning goes on in my office, I'll need something warm then!

So that has kept me busy for some time...I got another finish to share, and then a couple WIPs I'll try to get pictures of eventually. But don't worry, a stitching update is coming up as well!


Pamela said...

Gorgeous sweater! I love the color!

Carol said...

Your cardigan looks so pretty, Leonore, and that color is wonderful! I look forward to seeing your new finishes. Enjoy your day ♥