Thursday 23 May 2024

May Gifted Gorgeousness

Welcome to the May installment of the Gifted Gorgeousness, one of my favourite SALs as hosted by the marvelous Jo, and the one stop SAL for all things gift and gifted! As you know, I've spent a lot of time knitting and crocheting lately, and as my yarn projects are often gifts, you'd think I'd have something to show for this SAL...and you'd be right!

I finally finished the granny square blanket I'd been working on all year - joined all the squares, then added a bit of a border. I've had this project in mind for a very long time and I'm quite pleased with how it all came together - just in time too, as the baby is due June 7th!

But no rest for the knitting (or crocheting!), I already started the nest blanket and hope to be able to finish it by mid August. This is the Spice of Life pattern, quite a popular blanket by Sandra Paul, but I'm doing it in my own colour way of off white with some bright colours. 

This is Part 1 of the blanket - I just started this 10 days ago and hope to have a lot more to show by next month!

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