Sunday 25 April 2021

April Gifted Gorgeousness

 Hello lovelies,

I am rather late for this post, but I also have a massive amount of things to share, so let's jump right in! We'll start with gifts I've been working on, than transit into the ones I received.

For once, I am still working on Age is Irrelephant, a gift for my best friend's mum. It'll probably be ready for its own update post in a couple of page, for now I'll share my progress from a while ago:

My grandma said she needed a new pair of wrist warmers - she still wears them every night - so I picked out some left over sock yarn from my stash that was just enough to knit a pair up. And I mean *just* - I had about a metre left over when I finished, phew! (I've also been practicing to take more instagramable pictures, in case you are wondering):

I also picked up a real old UFO - this red snake was started almost twenty years ago, as a present for my mum. I finished the body alright, but just couldn't get the head to work, so it went into a drawer and...stayed there. When I was thinking what to get her for her birthday this year, I remembered the snake and decided to finally finish her! I still didn't love the pattern, and the yarn is horrible (maybe one of the reasons I couldn't get it done the last time around - the white stripes are a pure sheep wool that kept breaking all the time!), so she isn't quite up to my usual standards, and I didn't have proper snaky eyes, but I still think she is quite cute! I had originally planned to make a second snake in purple, but have now decided that one is enough, and what is left of the white yarn (and the black too, don't know what that one's excuse is for being horrible and breaking so much!) will be chucked into the garbage.

I worked some more on my Ubuntu blanket, the yarn for which was a gift for my birthday. I finished part one - which made a start on all six of the central diamonds. Aren't all these colours lovely?

Since, I have started to work on part 2, which has all the diamonds about double in size!

I had already gotten some money for my birthday, which I used to buy the remaining Little Sheep Values patterns and buttons (I had to substitute a little from my own money, but not a lot, and I really wanted to get them all so I can't get blindsided by stuff not being made anymore!). It took a while to had them all delivered (I ordered from a German store but they were waiting for stock from the US) but here they are!

Aaaand last, but most certainly not least...some time ago, I won a giveaway on Rachel's blog. She asked me to pick something I wanted, and I asked for fabric (as I never seem to have enough), and a couple weeks ago she told me that I should be looking out for a parcel. Yesterday, it finally arrived, and I just have to show you how beautifully she packaged everything:

I almost didn't want to open them, but only almost, I was so curious! She really went all out and got me not only a gorgeous big piece of a very beautifully coloured 'Candy Floss' fabric, but also a great selection of smaller pieces in some really nice and cheerful colours. I can't wait to pick projects for everything (I have some tentative ideas, but nothing final) and just know that I will end up buying bigger pieces of some of those tasters eventually.

Thank you so much, Rachel!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. You do know you are the reason the Linky finishes at 23.59 on the last day of the month to give you time to link up?!
Love those fingerless gloves, I wear them constantly. I must say your grandma had beautiful hands for her age. Very Instagramable!
Glad the snake is finally done and the wool sent packing too!

Shami Immanuel said...

Seeing a Crochet snake for the first time. Lovely projects you are doing.

Carol said...

I'm not sure how you manage to get so much crafting done, Leonore--especially working full-time! Really nice progress on all and congratulations on the pretty fabric win. We can never have too much fabric, right?! I have WAY more charts than I'll ever be able to stitch, but I tend to add a few new ones each year anyway :) Enjoy your day ♥

Susan said...

Very nice gifts - both given and received. Beautiful colors on your blanket and really like the wrist warmers. There is something very satisfying about throwing something something away that has irritated you, isn't there? Even if it goes against a "waste not, want not" feeling.