Dienstag, 13. April 2021

Age is Irrelephant - 20 Hours

 After the crazyness that was March, I am having a very productive April so far with tons of focused stitching. Last week, I finished a rotation on Age is Irrelevant in just three days! Being on vacation certainly helps with stitchy goals. 

Last time you saw my elephant, she (I decided the one I'm currently working on is a she) was here:

Over the last ten hours, I added almost 1,800 stitches and worked my way downwards and caught up with the lowest stitches I had done last time. In fact, below this point it's mostly her legs and trunk and I am fairly certain that during my next rotation, I'll be able to finish her and maybe make a small start on her companion:

Currently I am working on catching up some SALs (the new Just Nan band sampler I started with Jo, and TLOA, where I am about to start colour #5) and also picked up an older WIP that I am hoping to finish this week!


Pamela hat gesagt…

Great progress. She has such personality already!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname hat gesagt…

Wow, you got loads done! You can really see that it is an elephant now.

Carol hat gesagt…

Love how your elephant is coming together--you can really see his face now, Leonore! So glad you're having more stitching time this moonth ♥

Susan hat gesagt…

1,800 stitches in 10 hours?!? Your needle was really smoking.