Sunday, 8 December 2019

November WIPocalypse

I'm pretty late this month, but in my defense, this time of year is just crazy, and somehow even seems to be more crazy than usual this time around! It feels like I'm only working and stitching these days, and both of these in abundance. So this update is not only late, but also incomplete, but we'll get to that in a moment. The question of the month is What new stitches or techniques did you learn this year? I actually did try a couple new crochet stitches, both in my rainbow blanket I did at the start of the year and on the Sekamelska shawl I've been doing, and the little beaded elephant I did a few weeks ago used a pretty cool 3D beading technique. Stitchingwise, there were the Sashiko coasters I did after my trip to Japan, that was a fun thing to try for sure!

Now, usually, this is the point where I show all my monthly SALs, but I only made one in November - the Mamluk. Here it is with just one part left to go:

The Blackwork and Temperature SAL have been put on the backburner in favour of a couple projects that reaaaally need finishing by Christmas. I have a week after Christmas to catch up on them, and I fully plan to, because my WIP count is up to 50 right now and I really need to get it down again before the new year starts kick in (and I do have some of thosep lanned, oh yes I do...).

So what has been eating away at my time? Mostly, Lettuce be Friends, a Christmas present for my grandma. I actually finished the first of the to cavies in the beginning of the week. Actually, I have since found my rhythm with this and stitched more than half of the second one as well, but I'll show that to you once it's all done!


Carol said...

Such a busy time of year!! And I don't even work any longer and don't know where the hours go--I am ready for January to come... so peaceful and relaxing with no obligations :)

I LOVE that sweet Lettuce Be Friends--your grandma will, too! Good luck finishing him up, Leonore!

Pamela said...

Lettuce be Friends is adorable! I enjoy doing sashiko but I have done any in quite awhile. There are so many kinds of stitching and not enough time.

Rachel said...

I love Lettuce Be Friends. Hope you get it finished in time for Christmas! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well done on accomplishing some new stitches! Love the little guinea pig too.

Bethan said...

Great work considering how busy this time of year can be! Hope you managed to finish all your gifts!