Sunday, 17 November 2019

November Gifted Gorgeousness

We're getting closer to Christmas, and that's always the time when I get really busy making I actually have lots to show you today! First (and, somehow, most importantly) I finally finished the over one stitching on The Mermaid, and even made a start backstitching! I don't think I've ever been this excited about backstitching before. There's still a lot of it, but I do feel a huge step closer to the finish now.

I've also made lots of progress on Lettuce be Friends. I quit doing it colour by colour but instead started filling in the left guinea pig, and I really love how it's coming along!

Then, I finally got around to making another pair of crocodile stitch wristwarmers. Carla's had the ones I made for her a few years back stolen, and I promised to see if I had enough left over yarn to make another pair, and I did! It's nice getting back to these, I think I have two more pairs to go before Christmas.

And last but not least, I pulled out one of those tiny beading kits I brought from Japan and made this little guy! His name is Nimphodemus Stubby-Trunks (since I accidentily left out a row on his trunk, so it's a bit on the short side), and he will go to my best friend's mum this Christmas! He was so much fun to make and so quickly done too. I have two more of these kits but now wish I had bought more!


diamondc said...

Leonore: You have lots of progress here.
The elephant is adorable, I love beading.


Pamela said...

Great! I especially like the Mermaid. Well done!

Elfie said...

Your mermaid is stunning even without the backstitch! Beautifully done. I kove the wristwarmers. Crocodile stitch is new to me, but I'm going to check it out because I can see lots of ways I can use it. Nimphodemus is just too cute! I'll bet he'll be a hit with the recipient.

Susan said...

Great progress on everything. I love the wrist warmers. I just tried the scale stitch - boy does it eat yarn! The elephant is really cute.

Rachel said...

Fantastic gifts! It's not very often you hear stitchers say they're excited to have reached the backstitching but it does mean you're on the home straight now (along with all the other non-cross stitch things that still need doing. Fingers crossed for a pre-Christmas finish?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Tnanks for taking part in GG this month with your no-longer creepy mermaid! She looks amazing already and the backstitch will really bring her to life.
Love the cute little elephant too.

Carol said...

Wow! You certainly do have a lot to show! That tiny beaded elephant is darling (shorter trunk and all!). Great progress on both of your cross stitched projects--the Mermaid really is incredible. Hope this coming week is just as productive, Leonore :) Enjoy your weekend!

Astrids dragon said...

Your mermaid is looking gorgeous, I can't wait to see her finished.
The guinea pig is looking good and that elephant it just too cute! It you bought the kit, do you only need the beads if you want to make more?
The wristwarmers look great, I love those colours.

Ariadne said...

Yes I love that mermaid. AriadnefromGreece!