Mittwoch, 6. November 2019

Finish It In - November Edition

Another short update this month as I am still focusing on the same two projects off my list of five:

1) The Mermaid
2) Reindeer
3) Wuffi the Dog
4) March Fobs
5) Viajante

The Mermaid is coming along and I'm getting really close to finishing her skin (that's probably still a couple hundred stitches and TONS of colours, but I'm working on it!):

On Viajante, I used another 18g so I'm down to 150g left - that's actually more than halfway there! (the skein was sold as 300g but I think it was actually closer to 320g the first time I weighed it). My list remains the same - I hope to get the Reindeer out some time before Christmas, but the others will likely be carried over into the new year.

8 Kommentare:

Magical Mystery hat gesagt…

You a have made fantastic progress on the Mermaid this year! Great job!

Pamela hat gesagt…

She looks great!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname hat gesagt…

Mermaid is looking weird but lovely as her skin progresses!

Carol hat gesagt…

She is really coming along--such amazing detail and beautiful stitching :)

Bethan hat gesagt…

I know that feeling; when you feel close to a colour/section finish but it's probably not quite as close as you feel. Fingers crossed it is closer than you think :) x

Rachel hat gesagt…

From the photo it doesn't look as if you're too far off finishing the skin. Good luck for November! :)

Leonore Winterer hat gesagt…

Thank you! I still hope to be able to finish her.

Astrids dragon hat gesagt…

So close on the mermaid, she's going to be beautiful!